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Community Policing

Officers assigned to this unit work to address chronic quality  of life issues by applying problem-solving techniques to abate problems.  The squad spearheads the police department's community education effort, including addressing various contemporary issues through seminars and events such as emergncy preparedness meetings, and National Night Out.

The goal of the community policing squad, which currently consists of two officers, is to expand our ability to apply problem-solving techniques to chronic issues within the Township.

Within  the Teaneck Police Department, "Community Policing" is a philosophy and practice that overlaps and underpins all operations by all personnel.  In short, everything we do has the concept of community policing in mind.  We serve the community with dignity and respect. However, certain functions within the department do not have the flexibility to follow through on a problem from beginning to end.  This squad allows us to expand our community policing efforts within our existing resources, thus best utilizing our most valuable resource: our personnel.

Besides offering problem solving assistance, the Community Policing Squad also offers numerous proactive and educational services.  Currently, the Community Policing Squad offers home and business security surveys.

Members of the squad can be reached at 201.837.8759 or via email at