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2015 Roadway Resurfacing Project (Updated 08-05-2016)

The following streets are included in the 2015 Roadway Resurfacing Project:

  1. Alicia Avenue (Completed)
  2. Alma Terrace (Completed)
  3. Bogert Street (Completed)
  4. Briarcliffe Road  (Completed)
  5. Buckingham Road  (Completed)
  6. Carlton Terrace (Completed)
  7. Churchill Road  (Completed)
  8. Evergreen Place (Completed)
  9. Farragut Drive (Completed)
  10. Forest Avenue (Completed)
  11. Grenville Avenue  (Completed)
  12. Griggs Avenue (Completed)
  13. Irvington Road  (Completed)
  14. North Forest Drive (Completed)
  15. Queen Anne Road (Completed)
  16. Ramapo Road (Completed)
  17. Reis Avenue (Concrete work in progress)
  18. Rensselaer Road (Completed)
  19. Rutland Avenue (Completed)
  20. South Forest Drive (Completed)
  21. Sunderland Road (Completed)
  22. Thames Blvd (Completed)
  23. Van Cortlandt Terrace (Completed)
  24. Wilson Avenue (Completed)

The construction is underway. Please see this page for updates.

Van Arsdale Drainage Improgement Project (Updated 08-03-2016)

 Van Arsdale Drainage improvements project is underway. It will be completed in next two weeks.

The road will be patched after the work is completed. The repaving of the raod will be done in 2017.