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Projects Under Contruction

2012 Road Resurfacing Program

The 2012 Road Resurfacing Program will begin in August 2013.  Construction will start with the replacement of curbs and preparation work for the resurfacing.  The program's resurfacing will include the following streets:

  1. Belle Avenue (Sagamore Avenue to Route 4)
  2. Beverly Road (Windsor Road to Lincoln Place)
  3. Church Street (entire length)
  4. Decatur Avenue (Route 4 to Tietjen Avenue)
  5. Elm Avenue (Bogota borough line to Cedar Lane)
  6. Emerson Avenue (Northumberland Road to Sussex Road)
  7. Englewood Avenue (Teaneck Road to Englewood line)
  8. Franklin Road
  9. Garrison Avenue (Cedar Lane to Route 4 overpass)
  10. Glenwood Avenue Ramp
  11. Grayson Place (Palisade Avenue to Red Road)
  12. Highwood Street
  13. Irene Court
  14. Locust Street (Fort Lee Road to Degraw Avenue)
  15. Northumberland Road (Berwick Avenue to Berwick Avenue)
  16. Trafalgar Street (Reese Avenue to Forest Avenue)
  17. Tryon Avenue West (Queen Anne Road to Teaneck Road)
  18. Webster Avenue (Route 4 to Tietjen Avenue)
  19. Windsor Road (Billington Road to Cedar Lane)

This project also includes the following municipal parking areas:

  1. Beverly Road Parking Area (opposite Williams Avenue)
  2. Phelps Park Parking Area


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Wendel Place and Jasper Avenue Drainage Improvements

The Township has awarded a contract to Gemrose Utility, LLC for the Wendel Place and Jasper Avenue Drainage Improvements.  This project includes drainage improvements on Somerset Road and Wendel Place, Park Avenue/Jasper Avenue intersection, and the Blauvelt Street/Park Avenue intersection.  Please refer to the Project Alerts for an updated project schedule.


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Resurfacing of West Englewood Avenue, Section 4

The Township has awarded a contract to AJM Contractors, Inc. for the Resurfacing of West Englewood Avenue from Windsor Road to Sussex Road.  Construction for this project is currently underway with the installation of accessible ramps.  Roadway milling and resurfacing is scheduled for mid-May 2013. 


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Resurfacing of Glenwood Avenue - Degraw Avenue to Lindbergh Boulevard

Glenwood Avenue will be milled Monday and Tuesday, April 29 and 30, 2013, with paving to follow on Wednesday and Thursday, May 1 and 2, 2013. Access will be limited during the milling phase of the roadway. Access to your property during the paving phase will not be permitted while paving is underway in your area. This schedule may change due to weather conditions. We appreciate your understanding and patience.


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Court Game Resurfacing at Ammann and Votee Parks

The Township has awarded a contract to Halecon, Inc. of Bridgewater, New Jersey to resurface/repair the tennis courts, handball court, and roller hockey court at Votee Park.and the tennis courts at Ammann Park.  This constuction is scheduled to begin in May 2013. 


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Fence Replacement - Andreas and Votee Parks

The Township has awarded a contract to replace fencing at Andreas Park and Sagamore Park to Fischer Brothers, Inc. of Rockaway, New Jersey.  This project includes the  replacmnt of the existing fence along the river at Andreas Park and the replacement of the playground fence within Sagamore Park.  Construction for this project is scheduled for spring 2013.