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The Township operates 9 Wading Pools (also known as sprinkler pools) conveniently located in a number of parks throughout the township. They are open during the summer months beginning June 29 to September 4 of 2015.  As the name implies, wading pools are not deep enough for actual swimming but they are a great way for our younger residents to cool off during the summer months.  Water emanates into the pool from a permanent pool fixture with water constantly flowing.  As part of the town’s way of conserving water, wading pools are not turned on unless residents are there to use the pool.  If you notice a green flag flying at the pool, the pool is open. Simply ask the attendant to turn the water on for your enjoyment.  Wading pool attendants are not lifeguards but are there to enforce rules and ensure safety.


PARK                          DAYS & HOURS OF OPERATION

Ammann                            Mon. – Fri.                  Noon – 6pm
                                           Sat. & Sun.                 10am – 4pm

Brooks                               Mon. – Fri.                  10am – 4pm

Coolidge                            Mon. – Sun.                10am – 4pm

Herrick                              Mon. – Fri.                  11am – 4pm

Mackel                               Mon. – Fri.                  Noon – 6pm

Martin Luther King, Jr.    Mon. – Fri.                  10am – 3pm

Phelps                               Mon. – Sun.                10am – 6pm

Sagamore                         Mon. – Fri.                  10am – 4pm
                                         Sat. & Sun.                  11am 4pm
Votee                                Mon. – Fri.                   10am – 4pm
                                          Sat. & Sun.                   Noon 6pm

Wading Pools at Andreas, Argonne and Terhune are not opened due to low participation