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Public Works

How do I report a pothole?

Please click here to submit a service request. During Township business hours the Department of Public Works can be reached at 201-837-1600 Ext.1751

What items are collected at curbside for Recycling?



The following restrictions and criteria apply to recycling containers used by residents for garden debris and commingled recyclable material pick-up:

1)      Containers must be no larger than 32 gallons in size. 

2)      Containers must not have wide bottoms with narrow tops (i.e.pickle barrels).

3)      Containers must have handles.

4)      Containers must be made of either plastic or light weight metal not cardboard.

5)      Filled containers must not exceed 50 lbs.

6)      NEWSPAPERS/MIXED PAPER for curbside collection must be tied into bundles, not more than 12" high and secured with string, twine or cord. Corrugated cardboard must be flattened and tied for curbside collection.







Junk Mail

Paper Bags


Paperback and Telephone Books

Egg Cartons (cardboard only)

Anything else made of paper

Commingled Recyclables:

Aluminum food and beverage containers:

Aluminum soda cans, beer cans, and pet food cans, etc.

Glass food and beverage containers:

Flint (clear) Amber (brown) Green

Ferrous Cans:

Tin/Steel (soup, food, coffee cans, etc)

Plastic containers with #1, 2, 5 may include:

Soda and beverage bottles of various colors, milk and water jugs, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles, ketchup bottles, syrup bottles, and yogart containers, etc.


How do I know if a snow emergency is in affect?
Contact the Police Department at 201-837-2600.
Is there another location I can drop off Recyclables?

Yes, recyclables can be dropped off at the Township's Recycling Center, located at 1600 River Road.

Recycling Depot Hours

Residents only:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 7 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

The depot is closed to residents Monday through Thursday.

When is the Recycling Center open?

7:00 AM to 2:45 PM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  The Recycling Center is closed  Monday through Thursday and Township holidays.

When does leaf season start?
The day after Columbus Day.
When is the last day I can rake out my leaves to the curb?

Please refer to the recycling calendar.

Does the Township accept white goods?

Yes, at the Recycling Center. White goods are items such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, hot water heaters, air conditioners, and other appliances. Pick up on Friday only and must call 201-837-1600 ext 1707 to make an appointment.

What is not accepted at the Recycling Center?

The following items are not accepted at the recycling center: Compact fluorescent bulbs, all batteries (except vehicle), and contaminated motor oil, wood, dirt, rubber, tires, furniture of any kind, gas tanks, antifreeze, paint, compressed gas, propane tanks, NO CLOSED CYLINDERS of ANY KIND, pesticides, and mercury switches.

For those items not accepted at the recycling center, please refer to the B.C.U.A. website.

Who is responsible for pruning trees along the curb?
The Township.
Who is responsible for the sidewalks along the curb?

The property owner is responsible for maintenance of sidewalks adjacent to their property.

Do I need a permit to replace sidewalks along the curb?

Yes, in order to replace one’s sidewalk, a permit must be obtained from the Engineering Department by the respective contractor or homeowner. Contractors are required to be licensed by the Township in order to perform concrete work in the public right of way prior to any construction. If tree roots are involved with the replacement of a sidewalk, the individual performing the work must contact the Public Works Department at 201-837-1600 ext 1751 or 1728 to arrange for the Township to evaluate and/or grind the tree roots.

What steps should I take if I’m having a sewer back-up?

Contact the Department of Public Works at 201-837-1600 ext 1727 during normal business hours. For after hour sewer emergencies, contact the Police Department at 201-837-2600.

Who do I contact if there is a street light out?

Residents can report street light outages by calling Public Service at 800-436-7734 or by calling the Teaneck Police Department at 201-837-2600. When calling, please have location and pole number available.

What is the responsibility of the Bergen County Public Works?

They are responsible for all road related maintenance issues, potholes, and catch basin repair. Click here for the link to county roads.

Who is responsible for Route 4?

The Department of Transportation is responsible for road related maintenance issues, including trees, catch basins, and litter. Click here for the link to the NJ DOT.