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Fire Department

What number do you call to request a fire inspection?

Call our Fire Prevention Bureau at 201-808-8080 to request an inspection.

What is the best kind of fire extinguisher for my home?

 A multi-purpose fire extinguisher is best for the home. Look for the rating to be at minimum  2A 10B C on the label. This extinguisher can be used on any type of fire commonly found in the home. (It will often be labeled A-B-C.) It is recommended that an extinguisher be installed in the kitchen and in the garage.

What rating fire extinguisher is needed in a business?

Extinguishers are required based on the type of hazard at your business. The minimum rating for an office with normal combustibles is: 2A 10BC.

How many smoke detectors do I need in my home to provide adequate protection for my family and where do I install them?

You should have at least one smoke detector in each bedroom, the hallway, in the sleeping area, and at the top of all stairways. Smoke rises, so the best place to install a detector is on the ceiling or high on an inside wall approximately 6-8 inches below the ceiling. However, do not install a smoke detector within three feet of any device that might blow the smoke away. Call the fire department at 201-808-8080 for specific information on requirements for smoke detector placement.

How do I know if my smoke detector is working properly? How long do batteries last in a smoke detector?

The fire department recommends that you test your smoke detector monthly.  Batteries normally last up to one year, and usually the smoke detector provides an audible indication (a chirp) when the batteries become weak. As a reminder, the fire department suggests you “Change your clock, Change your battery” each fall of the year.

Why do firefighters get upset when you drive over fire hoses?

Firefighters are very much concerned about running over fire hoses because the hose can be damaged and any firefighter at the end of a nozzle will have the water interrupted and possibly cause injury or death.  (THE FIREHOSE IS THE LIFELINE OF A FIREFIGHTER WHEN FIGHTING A FIRE)

Why do firefighters break out window and cut holes in roof during a fire?

Firefighters ventilate smoke and superheated gases for safety and visibility. This allows firefighters to get inside the building to find and extinguish the fire, thereby reducing property damage. This also reduce the chances of a possible backdraft explosion.

Why do you block traffic lanes at auto accidents, more lanes than are necessary?

We block traffic lanes for the safety of our personnel and our patients. Blocking extra lanes keep our personnel safe when they go back to our apparatus to get more equipment and help protect the victim we are trying to stabilize.

Why do firefighters keep weeds and bushes away from fire hydrants?

Firefighters keep weeds and bushes four feet from fire hydrants for visibility and accessibility.

Why is it illegal to burn leaves and brush on my property?

The NJ edition of the Uniform Fire Code strictly regulates and prohibits open burning outdoors.

How do you get a smoke detector from the Fire Department?

You must meet certain criteria.  Call our Fire Prevention Bureau at 201-808-8080