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Health Department

Whom do I call regarding a dead animal on my property?

Dead animals need to be bagged and put out into the street. Contact the Dept. of Public Works at 201-837-1600 ext 1727, Mon thru Fri from 8:30am to 4:00pm for pick up, or please submit a municipal service request directly from our website.

How do I go about opening up a restaurant in Teaneck?

See the forms page on this website regarding opening a business in Teaneck and contact the Building Dept at 201-837-1600 ext 1100, Mon thru Fri 8:30am to 4:00pm for the construction, plumbing, and electrical requirements. Contact the Health Dept for safety and sanitation requirements.

My neighbor's branches/bushes are hanging over my yard. What can I do?

You are permitted to cut or trim back bushes, branches, and/or tree limbs that extend onto your property. Your neighbor is not responsible for what grows or extends over the property line.

At what age do I have to vaccinate my dog or cat and at what age does my pet need a license?

Dogs and cats should be vaccinated and licensed at the age of 6 months.

How many people can live in a house or an apartment?

The number of people permitted to live in an apartment is based on 1 1/2 persons per room for sleeping purposes, as per Section 21-36 of the Code of the Township of Teaneck (ie: 4 sleeping rooms = 6 people).

If my water is discolored, whom do I call?

A: Call United Water Company of New Jersey at 201-767-9300.

Whom do I call if a dog is running at large?

You can contact the Health Department at 201-837-1600 ext 1500, Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm. At all other times, including holidays, call the Police Department at 201-837-2600.

I have raccoons or other wildlife on my property. What can I do?

If the animal appears to be sickly, contact the Health Department (Monday through Friday) at (201) 837-1600 ext 1500, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. At all other times, call the Teaneck Police Department at (201) 837-2600. Nuisance wildlife that is healthy must be removed by a private pest control company

What can I do if I had contact with wildlife or a non-domesticated animal? Is there a danger? (raccoons, bats, etc.)

If you were bitten or scratched by wildlife of any kind, including domestic dogs or cats, contact the Police Department at (201) 837-2600 to complete an incident report. You should also contact the Health Department at (201) 837-1600 ext 1500, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM to evaluate the specifics of the incident. Seek medical attention from your private physician.

How long can I keep foods in the freezer?

In general, the longer foods are stored in the freezer, the more the quality of taste and texture are diminished. Most commonly freezer stored items are:
* Butter/Margarine (6 - 9 months)
* Fish (3 - 6 Months) (fatty fishes do not last as long)
* Meats (2 - 3 Months)
* Uncooked Chicken (9 - 12 Months)
* Cooked Chicken (6 - 9 Months)
* Pork (4 Months)
* Vegetables (9 Months)
* Fruits (3 - 6 Months) (except citrus)
* Ice Cream (1 Month)

If I'm over 18, who can I call regarding health care, immunizations, etc?

If you are over 18, you must seek health care from your private physician. If you are under 18, you can contact the Public Health Nurse at (201) 227-6251 for more information.

The local landscapers start too early and/or make too much noise. What can I do?

As per Section 21-15 of the Code of the Township of Teaneck, such operation cannot take place before 6:30 AM or after 8:00 PM on weekdays, and before 7:30 AM or after 8:00 PM on weekends. All such complaints should be filed with the Police Department at (201) 837-2600.

My neighbors make too much noise (music, parties, cars, etc.) What can I do?

As an aggrieved resident, you must file a report with the Police Department at (201) 837-2600. Afterwards, you must file a complaint with the Municipal Court Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at (201) 837-1600 ext 1800.