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Are the Recreation Department's youth programs for residents only?


Are there any programs open to non-residents?

Yes, Adult programs and Senior Center programs are available to non-residents.

Why do I need to show proof of residence every time I register my child for programs?

It is our responsibility to ensure that we are serving the taxpayers of Teaneck only at all timesl therefore, whenever you come to register for a program, purchase a badge, etc. you must show proof of residence.

What can I use as acceptable proof of residency?

For adults, a driver's license, a utility bill, current lease agreement, tax record, etc. will serve for proof of residence.

For children, you may use a report card from the Teaneck School system, a report card from your private school linked to your home address in town, insurance card naming dependent children linked to that parent's driver's license, or a birth certificate with a parent’s name on it with that parent’s proof of residence.

What can I use as acceptable proof of my child's age?

A birth certificate or passport will be accepted.

If I have custody of my child(ren) who do not live in Teaneck but who are with me during the Summer, can they register for camp/get a swim badge/etc.?

Yes, though you must show legal proof of custody at the time of registration.

How do I find out when there is no class with regard to holidays, whether municipal or religious?

The Teaneck Recreation Department, with the exception of the Senior Center, follows the schedule of the Teaneck Board of Education.  If the schools are closed, there are no classes.  The schedule of dates for your class is also listed on your reciept given to you at the time of payment.  If you are unsure, please call the Recreation Department.

How do I find out if classes have been canceled due to snow, rain, etc.?

If Teaneck Public Schools are canceled due to inclement weather, all of our programs are also cancelled. This information is generally available on the website. If your class is on a weekend, you will receive a phone call in the event of a cancellation. If you are unsure, please call the Recreation Department during normal business hours.

Are program flyers available online?

Our complete seasonal brochures are available online. You can use this, along with the registration form available online to register for classes; information on our complete registration procedures can be found on this flyer. During the registration period, flyers for individual classes can be found on the information tables in the lobby of the Richard Rodda Community Center as well as on the counters in the Administrative Office during regular office hours.

How do I register for classes?

One week after program fliers for a season become available, mail-in registration commences. Envelopes must be postmarked on or after the first mail-in date. Envelopes marked before this date will not be accepted. Likewise, registration without a valid postmark will not be accepted.  Kindly complete the registration form and send with (1)  Proof of Residence (copy of New Jersey Driver License, current utility bill, etc.) to Teaneck Recreation Department, 250 Colonial Court, Teaneck, N.J. 07666.  If you are registering your child for the first time, please also send (1) Proof of Age (copy of a passport or birth certificate). Please DO NOT SEND PAYMENT with application.  Once we recieve and process your registration form, you will be notified of class availability and given 48 hours to bring payment into the office.  Only one child per form. Only one family’s applications per envelope (members of the same household should send their applications in the same envelope). Once the mail-in period is complete, we will take in-person registration from 8:45 am to 4:15 pm in the Recreation Department office for any classes that are not already full. Please bring proof of residence and age with you at this time. For further information, or if special accommodations are needed, please call the Recreation Department at 201-837-7130 ext. 1.

How can I register my child(ren) for sports?

All sports organizations in Teaneck are independent from the Department and are run by volunteers.

Can the Recreation Department help me reach the sports organizations?.

Yes: for your convenience, we have flyers in the Administrative Office listing the organizations, the eligible ages, the website and contact phone numbers.You can also click here for information on how to contact these organizations.

Does the Recreation Department offer youth programs during Spring Break?

Yes, we offer an annual program called Passport To Adventure; it is a series of nominally priced, chaperoned day trips.

Does the Recreation Department offer youth programming on half-days of school?

Yes: on scheduled dates only, an Open Gym program is available at the Richard Rodda Community Center from 12:00 noon until 4:00 p.m.. A school ID is required to participate.

Does the Recreation Department offer a camp for children with Special Needs?

Yes: the Department, in conjunction with the Board of Education's Extended School Year Program, offers a Challenger Camp in Phelps Park during the month of July.

Does the Recreation Department have a day care ?

No, we do not. We have a  licensed Montessori-based, full-day, Early Childhood Learning Center for students ages 3 and 4.

Are the teachers in the Sunshine Gardens Learning Center certified ?

Yes: the two head teachers also have Bachelors' Degrees. 

Are the Youth Division programs staffed by high school students?

No. The only high school students here are completing their Senior Service requirement for graduation.

Are the Recreation Programs run by the Teaneck Board of Education?

No. The Teaneck Recreation Department is a sixty-nine year-old professional department governed by the municipality. Our programs are separate from those offered by the Board of Education.

What are the hours of operation for Youth Division programs?

Sunshine Garden Learning Center: 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. (early drop of from 8:00 a.m.) After-care  is available until 6:00 p.m.


After School Program: from school dismissal until 6:00 p.m. (including all half-days)


Camp Sunsational Phases I & II: 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Before-camp care is available from 8:00 a.m. and after-camp is available until 6:00 p.m.

Do the children registered for summer day camp have access to Votee Park and the in-ground pool?

Yes: activities are planned to include use of both facilities.

Is lunch served at the Sunshine Garden Learning Center?

No. Students are responsible for their own lunches; however, we do provide nutritional snacks.

Does the Recreation Department provide transportation for Sunshine Garden Learning Center and/or the After School Program?

There is no transportation available for the Sunshine Garden Learning Center; children must be escorted to and from the program by a parent. Children who are bused from their homes to school and registered in our After School Program will be transported from school to the Rodda Center. They must be picked up by a parent or other designated person 16 years of age or older.

Is there sibling discount for Sunshine Garden Learning Center, the After School Program and/or summer day camp?

Yes, siblings discounts are available for these programs.

Can I observe Sunshine Garden Learning Center and/or the After School Program?

Yes: the best way to do so is to schedule an appointment with the Youth Division Director. The classroom also has large class windows looking out onto the main corridor if you would rather observe from afar.

Does The Recreation Department accept children with special needs into our program?

Yes, we are fully compliant with ADA regulations.

Does The Recreation Department provide shadows for children with special needs?

Yes, if required.

Does The Recreation Department provide transportation to the Senior Center?

No, the Township does not.  Transportation is provided by Bergen County Community Transportation for a limited number of residents who attend the congregate meal program at the Senior Center.

Why do I/we have to register each session for classes in the Senior Division?

With almost 11,000 senior residents in town and the overwhelming popularity of our program, registration is necessary to keep participation open and competitive for all. As a point of reference, all Department programs have registration for each season and session for the same reasons.

Who is eligible to participate in the programs offered by the Senior Services Center?

Anyone 55 years and older who is active and independent with good cognition may register to take part in the Senior Services Center programming.

Can I walk my dog in the park?

No, dogs are not allowed in the Township's parks, with the exception of a designated area in Windsor Park.  There is a dog park in Overpeck County Park in Leonia also.

Does the Recreation Department have late hours?

During the months of June and July only the Department has evening hours .  Please call to find out more about when these hours occur.

What are the distances of the walking trails in Votee Park?

The outer walking path is 1.2 miles long and the inner circle track is approximately one third of a mile.

Are there any swimming pools in the Township?

Yes, currently there is a in-ground pool in Votee Park and an above-ground pool in Hawthorne Park. For information about Votee Pool, click here. For information about Hawthorne Pool, click here.

When are the lights on the fields turned on?

The field lights are only turned on with a permit.

When are the lights on the basketball courts turned on?

The lights in the basketball courts are turned on beginning April 1st until the end of November.

When are the lights on the tennis courts turned on?

The lights are turned on approximately mid-April through November.

Why do I need a picnic permit?

A permit is recommended if you are planning a gathering of family and friends on a specific date. A permit gives you priority for the number of tables indicated on the permit.

How do I obtain a Picnic Permit?

Simply complete and submit a park application.  If available, a permit will be issued.  A fee may be applicable. 

How many Picnic Areas does the Recreation Department have in town?

Three; two in Votee Park and one in Phelps Park.

How do I obtain a permit for fields or facilities, (i.e. basketball courts, hockey rink, etc.)?

Simply, fill out an application and mail it, fax it or bring it into the Administrative Office.The application can be found here.

Are rooms available for rental at the Richard Rodda Community Center?

Yes, if you meet the criteria.

Are gymnasiums available for rental at the Richard Rodda Community Center?

Yes, based on availability. Click here for an application; fill out the applciation and mail, fax, or bring it in person to the Administrative Office.

Does the Recreation Department sell tickets to local amusement parks?

Yes, beginning in June and ending Labor Day.  As a courtesy to residents we sell consignment tickets made available to us from the New Jersey Recreation & Parks Association to select amusement areas in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. These tickets are available for purchase in person during normal business hours and may only be paid for with cash. A list of available tickets and pricing information will be available in the Administrative Office when the tickets go on sale.