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2007 Budget Review Meetings

Date: January 4, 2007 - January 25, 2007

JANUARY 4, 11, 18, 25 2007

Mayor Katz called the meeting to order at  7:    P.M.


Present: C. Feit, C. Kates, DM. Parker, C. Rudolph, C. Honis, C. Gussen, Mayor Katz.


Also Present: Municipal Manager Fall, Municipal Clerk LaMorte, Assistant to Manager    Aportela-Hernandez.

Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by adoption of Resolution No. 466-06 setting the 2007 meeting dates, mailing a copy to THE RECORD, THE SUBURBANITE, THE BERGEN NEWS/SUN BULLETIN, THE CONNECTION,  THE JEWISH STANDARD and SU GUIA, filing a copy in the Township Clerk’s Office and posting it on the Municipal Building bulletin board and the Mayor hereby directs that this statement be included in the minutes.


Mayor Katz opened the meeting to the public. 

No one came forward. 

On a motion made by C.                 and seconded by C.                         this portion of the meeting was closed to the public.

In Favor: C. Feit, C. Kates, DM. Parker, C. Rudolph, C. Honis, C. Gussen, Mayor Katz.



The Municipal Manager presented an overview of the 2005 budget position as of this date:

a. Is up 7 % based upon the budget submitted to Council.  This takes into account the increases in the following accounts, which will occur  as the result of outside agencies which are charging the Township more, commodity costs, or based upon the 2004 experience:
i. 2005 proposed BCUA rate -$233,552
ii. Legal    -$262,000
iii. Utility and Fuel Costs  -$234,000
iv. Group Insurance Costs  -$455,500
v. Debt Service   -$480,748
vi. Deferred Charges   -$181,591

2. MUNICIPAL PORTION OF TAX RATE:  Estimated at 6.5 points or approximately 4.5% as compared to the 2004 municipal portion of the tax rate.

3. RATABLES:  Increase in ratables of just over $18 million results in an increase in the value of a tax point to $263,300 up from $260,235 in 2004. 

4. APPROPRIATIONS:  Total increase of just over $3.1 million, the majority of which is salaries - contractual obligations and the increase in the operating budget lines as previously discussed.

5. REVENUES:  Should be able to maintain same use of surplus/fund balance as used in 2004.   Should have figures available within a week or so.

6. CAP:  The Manager advised we will be required to use a CAP ordinance and INDEX ordinance, which can be combined into one, at introduction of the budget, as discussed at the November 2004 workshop meeting.

Council approved the entire Other Expense Budget with the following specific items:

1. Add $16,880 to Department 090 to provide the funding to implement 2-1-1.  This will give the Council flexibility to further consider implementing the program during the upcoming year.
2. Implement a suggestion box system in the Municipal Building and advise the residents of its location to encourage comments and suggestions.
3. Explore the use of WI-FI technology.  Councilmembers with information will forward it to the Manager.
4. Review recognizing the work of the school crossing guards at a Council meeting.
5. Set up a meeting with Board of Adjustment Attorney to discuss how best to provide the Board with objective review criteria from a planning perspective, in addition to the technical review information which is already provided to the Board as part of the application process.
6. Provide to Council the location of the meters used by BCUA to measure sewage flow in Teaneck.  In addition, review whether larger commercial establishments could be separately assessed for sewage flow.
7. Provide to Council information regarding the guideline for what services the Animal Control Services Contract with Bergen County Animal Shelter provide.
8. Ascertain if before we auction radio equipment, whether TVAC or Box 54 could use this equipment - especially the Police portable radio equipment.
9. Create a section in Teaneck Topics as well as on the web site entitled DID YOU KNOW.  This would be a section to convey to residents such information as:
a. A homeowner's insurance may be less based upon a property’s distance from a fire hydrant.
b. Homeowners' insurance, in general, in Teaneck is lower because of the fact that we have a paid Fire Departemnt.
c. How the lost of $3 million of State Aid in the mid 1990s, when “density aid” was eliminated, has affected the tax rate.
d. Specific areas in operating budget which will increase in 2005 as a result of outside agencies as previously highlighted during the budget review meetings.

By unanimous consent, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25 P.M.

     Robyn J. LaMorte, RMC
     Municipal Clerk