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January 8, 2007 Special Workshop Meeting

Date: January 8, 2007


Mayor Katz called the Workshop Meeting of the Teaneck Township Council to order at 7:05 p.m., and asked all those present to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Present: C. Feit, C. Kates, DM. Parker, C. Rudolph, C. Honis (arrived 7:07 PM) C. Gussen, Mayor    Katz.

Absent: None.

Also Present: S. Turitz - Ferrara, Turitz, Harraka & Goldberg, Esqs.; H. V. Fall, Municipal Manager; L.    Aportela-Hernandez, Assistant to the Municipal Manager; R. J. LaMorte, Municipal Clerk;
  J. Hodges, Assistant to the Municipal Clerk; Jennifer Beahm and Jeff Jenota, Birdsall     Engineering; Nancy Adams, Directions Downtown, LLC.


Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by adoption of Resolution #466-06, setting the 2007 meeting dates and Resolution #515-06, amending the 2007 meeting date, sending a copy to THE RECORD, THE SUBURBANITE, THE BERGEN NEWS/SUN BULLETIN, THE CONNECTION, THE JEWISH STANDARD AND SU GUIA, filing a copy in the Township Clerk’s Office and posting it on the Municipal Building bulletin board, and the Mayor hereby directs that this statement be included in the minutes.

C. Gussen made a motion to move the discussion on the preliminary "Development Opportunities Analysis" Report by Birdsall Engineering, Inc. 


Discussion on preliminary  "Development Opportunities Analysis" Report by Birdsall Engineering, Inc.

A PowerPoint synopsis of the Development Opportunities Analysis Report was presented by Jennifer Beahm and Jeff Janota of Birdsall Engineering, Inc. (BEI) and Nancy Adams of Directions Downtown, LLC (DD).

The Development Opportunities Analysis report is the result of an eight week analysis which evaluated development / redevelopment opportunities and encourages economic development to stabilize the tax base while maintaining the character of Teaneck.  BEI and DD were able to come to these conclusions by holding meetings with commissions, boards and reviewing existing materials.

Jennifer Beahm presented the first section.  The first area covered was Public Projects.  These projects included the Municipal complex, the Department of Public Works and County owned properties.  BEI suggested increased parking at the Municipal complex, renovating the Teaneck Police Department and new construction on the Municipal Building in its existing location, combining the North Teaneck Road DPW facility with the River Road facility, relocation of the River Road facility possibly with a land swap and the development inter-municipal DPW services with surrounding municipalities for the Department of Public Works.  BEI found that development is not viable on county owned properties.

The second area covered was Private Development Opportunities.  Five separate areas of proposals are described in this section; Holuba Reality, American Legion Drive, Riverfront Development Area, Industrial Areas and Siegel & Siegel Property.  BEI proposes the Holuba Reality area's best fit is residential.  This area is not easily accessible for industrial purposes.  BEI feels that American Legion Drive from the supermarket area to railroad ROW is being underutilized.  BEI recommends revitalization of this area with an extensive traffic study by the developer.  The recommended development is a maximum of 8 story residences with a gradual decrease in height towards the west closer to Chestnut Avenue.  Other recommendations in this area include a parking garage, pocket parks and open areas, a pedestrian bridge and an extension of Water Street under Cedar Lane.  Regarding the Riverfront Development Area; a Riverfront Overlay Zone, BEI recommended maintaining single family homes, but the Township should have a plan in place if FDU should close its Teaneck Campus and facilities

At this time Council decided to open the floor to Good And Welfare.
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Jordan Wouk - 554 Cumberland Avenue - HRGAB - Thanked Council and spoke about not having met yet with BEI but looking forward to meeting with them in the near future.

Brent Lee - 686 Suffern Road - Works for NJ Transit and expressed his concerns for additional apartments.  Mr. Lee feels that with more people moving in there will be a need for more buses.  If Fairleigh Dickinson  University moves out of town he feels that that area would be a great place to relocate Teaneck High School because Teaneck High School as is now is overcrowded.

Eric Brauer - 738 Teaneck Road - Spoke about the meeting that took place last night between many prominent parties in Teaneck to discuss the plan.

Howard Berger - 323 Willow Street - Spoke about development on Palisade Avenue, suggested putting single family homes in on American Legion Drive and put more stores in the Queen Anne Road / Degraw Avenue area.

George Reskakis - 353 Johnson Avenue - Feels that the document to be concerned with is the Master Plan and also opposes an automobile bridge on Vandelinda Avenue.

Edith Edmond - 566 Kipp Street -  Is concerned with development at Riverfront and feels the DPW Yard should be cleaned up.

Rochelle Rappaport - 714 Pomander Walk - Feels Pomander Walk has been neglected. Questioned why the temporary leaf transfer site is still there.

DM. Parker made a motion to extend Good and Welfare for 15 minutes.  Seconded by C. Kates and carried by the following vote:

In Favor: C. Feit, C. Kates, DM. Parker, C. Rudolph, C. Honis, C. Gussen, Mayor Katz.

Opposed: None.

Absent: None.

Mike Harzon - Oradell - Sierra Club - States that the report was deficient in environmental protection; recommends addressing in the Master Plan.

Wallace Cowan - 499 Emerson Avenue - Feels that there is no urgency to consider the University area.

Vincent Napolitano - 699 Ramapo Road - Questioned the contract awarded to Birdsall Engineering for the report and presentation.

Gerald Goldfisher - 1354 River Road - Thanked Council for removing the development of River Road suggestion from their priorities and spoke about the history of River Road and the University.

Martin Cramer - 623 Maitland Avenue - Feels that if the "Hackensack River Overlay" goes into the Master Plan, it is a ticking time bomb.

C. Kates made a motion to extend Good and Welfare for 15 minutes.  Seconded by C. Gussen and carried by the following vote:

In Favor: C. Feit, C. Kates, DM. Parker, C. Rudolph, C. Honis, C. Gussen, Mayor Katz.

Opposed: None.

Absent: None.

Dr. Henry Pruitt - 113 Voorhees Street - Asked for clarification of the DPW Yard moving to North Teaneck Road.

Tasha Morton - Sherwood Avenue - Spoke about potential development proposals before the Board of Adjustment.

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Henry Salnick - 516 River Road - Mentioned drawbacks not taken into consideration.

Rochelle Rudnick - 352 Van Buren Avenue - Spoke about the Holuba project in connection with Herrick Park restrictions.

Brenda Allen - 585 Ramapo Road - Spoke about the budget and development.

Howard Rose - 575 Northumberland Road - Feels that the Master Plan is the most important matter in the town right now and encourages residents to attend Planning Board meetings.

Naomi Cramer - 623 Maitland Avenue - Thanked Council for responding to the community about the "blue zone". 

C. Kates made a motion to Close the Good and Welfare Portion of the Meeting to the Public. Seconded by DM Parker and carried by the following vote:

In Favor: C. Kates, DM. Parker, C. Rudolph,  C. Gussen, Mayor Katz.

Opposed: C. Feit, C. Honis.

Absent: None.

C. Rudolph reiterated to residents that there is no "blue zone".

Mrs. Fall explained Holuba Reality owns the property on Palisade Avenue, the schedule of all the Planning Board meetings are on the Township website, temporary leaf transfer means that it holds the leaves there temporarily until removed.  In regards to selecting the planning services, the Township solicited approximately twenty requests for proposals and interviewed five or so firms before making the final decision.

C. Kates stated the University property north of Rt. 4 has deed restrictions, therefore nothing can be built on the property.

C. Parker clarified the DPW proposal on North Teaneck Road.  The plan is to consolidate the maintenance division located now on North Teaneck Road with a new DPW facility.

C. Gussen said that all Council members were aware of the tour that took place before interviews.

Jennifer Beahm explained the definitions portion of the Report was for the establishment of design guidelines.  Ms. Beahm announced the Planning Board dates for January and February.

BEI continued with the remainder of their presentation.

There are two areas in Teaneck that have industrial potential; Alfred Avenue industrial area and Palisades Avenue industrial area.  Both are zoned L-1, light industrial.  Ms. Beahm encourages mixed-use development, including commercial, multi-family residential and offices for Alfred Avenue area and feels that there is potential for rezoning to allow commercial/office use; eliminating industrial uses.  The last area in this section is Siegel & Siegel Property.  The recommendations for this area include rezoning for commercial uses, vehicle traffic i.e. a coffee shop, and eliminate access through Hancock Avenue.

Mr. Jenota, BEI, continued with the Business Districts which are comprised of the following areas; Cedar Lane, Teaneck Road Corridor, Queen Anne Road/ Degraw Avenue, and West Englewood Avenue / The Plaza.  BEI considered changes specific to each area comprising of rezoning for mixed use, expanding parking, analyzing pedestrian safety, adding parking meters, and undergoing streetscape including the improvement of façades.

Council decided to hold the final portion of the Development Opportunities Analysis, the Teaneck Business District Analysis to be presented by Nancy Adams, DD at the January 16, 2007 Workshop Meeting.


On a motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 p.m.

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