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February 13, 2007 Workshop Meeting

Date: February 13, 2007


Mayor Katz called the Workshop Meeting of the Teaneck Township Council to order at 7:32 p.m., and asked all those present to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: C. Feit, C. Kates, DM. Parker, C. Rudolph, C. Honis, C. Gussen, Mayor Katz.

Absent: None.

Also Present: S. Turitz - Ferrara, Turitz, Harraka & Goldberg, Esqs.; H. V. Fall, Municipal 
  Manager/Acting Municipal Clerk; L. Aportela-Hernandez, Assistant to the    Municipal Manager, J. Evelina, Assistant to the Municipal Clerk.

Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by adoption of Resolution #466-06, setting the 2007 meeting dates, sending a copy to THE RECORD, THE SUBURBANITE, THE BERGEN NEWS/SUN BULLETIN, THE CONNECTION, THE JEWISH STANDARD AND SU GUIA, filing a copy in the Township Clerk’s Office and posting it on the Municipal Building bulletin board, and the Mayor hereby directs that this statement be included in the minutes.

Mayor Katz expressed thanks to Francisco Martinez of the Department of Public Works; mentioned the presence of Kevin Lynch, Purchasing Agent; and informed the public that Council met in Closed Session to discuss property, contract negotiations and acquisition.

Art Vatsky - 950 Garrison Avenue - suggested the installation of bus shelters on Cedar Lane; spoke about the need for indoor DPW  storage facilities for snow plowing and other equipment; and supports the idea of a jitney service in the Township.

Jordan Wouk - 554 Cumberland Avenue - questioned the significance of the date of February 22, 2007 for the Planning Board to adopt the Master Plan; commented about management of the Planning Board and recent appointments to the Board.

Joan Davis - 976 Alpine Drive - suggested that Council refrain from spending funds on maintenance of buildings and the purchase of furniture; suggested cutting the Cedar Lane Special Improvement District Budget and Teaneck Economic Development Corporation Budget.

Rochelle Rudnick - 352 Van Buren Avenue - expressed condolences to the family of Robyn J. LaMorte and her Township colleagues; commented about the continuing published attacks on C. Honis and C. Kates which she finds unacceptable; and stated that any resident against development should not be considered "anti-Council".

Audra Jackson - 92 E. Maple Street - expressed appreciation for Mrs. Fall's attendance at previous at last week's Planning Board Meeting noting the loss of Municipal Clerk LaMorte; and commented about diversity in Teaneck Police Department.

Laura Zucker - 62 Hillside Avenue - commented about last week's Planning Board Meeting and public input.  She requested that Council postpone the adoption of the Master Plan.

C. Kates made a motion to Close the Good and Welfare Portion of the Meeting to the Public.  Seconded by C. Rudolph and carried by the following vote:

In Favor: C. Feit, C. Kates, DM. Parker, C. Rudolph, C. Honis, C. Gussen, Mayor Katz.

Opposed: None.

Absent: None.

Mrs. Fall informed Council that the CLSID has not requested bus shelter installation.

C. Kates informed Ms. Davis that the Cedar Lane budget is not part of the Township budget.  The respective property owners are charged the additional assessment.  Property owners in the other business districts have not decided to form a special improvement district.

C. Feit expressed that Council should lead by example, with respect to Council’s own discourse with each other,  in response to Ms. Rudnick’s comments.

C. Rudolph commented about Mr. Wouk’s statement regarding the recent appointments to the Planning Board noting diversity. 

1. Kevin Lynch, Township Purchasing Agent - Purchasing Procedures.

Mr. Lynch provided his professional background to Council; explained procuring goods and services, NJ Local Public Contracts Law and Local Public Bidding Law; he discussed bid specifications, and described in general the types of commodities he is responsible to purchase.  He performs his job pursuant to the various State laws; he also spoke about using the State and County Cooperative purchasing arrangements.

C. Gussen asked Mr. Lynch how frequently does he verify what the buying pools are offering to ensure it is the best price.  Mr. Lynch responded that price is certainly one issue, but that availability, delivery options and charges are also other considerations. Mr. Lynch confirmed that his department is always checking and comparing prices and gave an example of the recent purchase of paper.

Mrs. Fall commended Mr. Lynch and the Purchasing Department for their diligence and thoroughness..

C. Kates questioned the benefits of shared services.  Mr. Lynch informed that in some cases of shared services, depending on  population, the other municipality may profit more than the Township of Teaneck.

C. Rudolph thanked Mr. Lynch for his hard work.

Mrs. Fall requested the police car resolution be placed on the February 20, 2007 Agenda.  C. Gussen questioned if last year's police cars delivered in November 2006 were up and running to which Mrs. Fall responded yes.  C. Honis questioned when the new cars would be available.  Mrs. Fall informed the cars would be available in Spring of 2007 and that 2006’s delivery in November was unusual.   DM. Parker and C. Kates questioned the recommendations of the Manager and Police Chief.  Mrs. Fall informed that the recommendations from the Chief was for the purchase of 8 cars, but she is requesting the purchase of 6 in the 2007 Budget.

It was the consensus of a majority of Council to have a resolution prepared for the February 20, 200 to authorize the purchase of 6 2007 Police Package vehicles using the State contract.

1. Proposed Taxi Cab.

Mr. Turitz advised  this amends the existing Ordinance.  The purpose of the revisions is to improve and obtain more background information on the applicants, as the revisions would specify a requirement for fingerprinting and photographing.

C. Rudolph questioned staff time.

Mrs. Fall informed that the existing fees are State mandated for the licensing, but Mr. Turitz clarified that a separate additional fee could be charged for the fingerprinting.  She will confer with the Police Chief for his opinion as to the staffing requirements.

2. Proposed Limousine.

Mr. Turitz advised Council there is no Ordinance in the Township now with respect to background checks for the drivers and operators; the Ordinance would have the same effect as the Proposed Taxi Cab Ordinance.

Mrs. Fall will confer with the Police Chief for his opinion as to the staffing requirements.

3. Old New Bridge Road.

This Ordinance will be introduced at the March 6, 2007 Meeting to only permit right turns from Old New Bridge Road onto New Bridge Road; this comes at the request of the Borough of New Milford which is doing the same to prohibit vehicles from going straight across New Bridge Road.  The Teaneck Police Department concurs.

4. Door To Door Canvassing and Solicitation.

Mr. Turitz advised the revised Ordinance would prohibit solicitation of funds before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m.; the Ordinance would require the applicant to report to the Police Department and register.  The Township can not charge the applicant for this type of registration.

C. Gussen questioned enforcement, and Mrs. Fall informed enforcement would be by resident notification primarily as well as the Police observing the canvassing and solicitations and asking for the proof of registration with the Police.

This Ordinance will be introduced at the March 6, 2007 Meeting.

1. Library Board Reappointments - Expires 3/1.

Mrs. Fall asked for clarification as to the Council’s policy with respect to expiring terms on any board or commission.  The Council confirmed that the incumbent should be invited to be considered for reappoirntment if they wish but that a notice inviting residents in general should be disseminated.

C. Honis questioned if anyone has submitted applications to Library Board.  Mrs. Fall advised she would have to check.

Council also discussed that expiring term notices should be discussed 2-3 months in advance of the expiration date to provide sufficient time for the public notifications and notification to the incumbent. Mrs. Fall will review the upcoming vacancies.

1. Subcommittee - BOA Annual Report.

Mr. Turitz advised Council the first step is to make a Subcommittee to meet with him and the Manager.

It was decided that C. Kates, C. Feit and the Mayor would serve.

2. January 11, 2007 - Budget Review Minutes.

C. Feit informed Council that he would discuss this matter with Mrs. Fall.

1. January 8, 2007 - Letter from COAH - Regional Contribution Agreements.

Mr. Turitz advised Council for the first time, the Township received a second round certification; the Township was in third round certification process when the Appellate Division dismissed COAH’s  third round rules and regulations; the Appellate Division provided a deadline of six months to COAH to come back to the Court with revised proposed rules.

This matter to be held until the matter is resolved at the State level.

In addition, Mrs. Fall advised that AHAB Chairperson Carla Lerman had offered to attend the March 13th workshop meeting to discuss COAH.  Council determined to invite Ms. Lerman after the new COAH regulations have been determined.

2. January 23, 2007 - Letter from Senate - Petition Revising School Funding Formula.

Council asked Mrs. Fall to request opinions of District 37 Legislators and the Advisory Board on Finance before taking any action of the requested petition.

3. January 19, 2007 - Memo from Environmental Commission - Green Acres Funding Resolution.

Mrs. Fall suggested Council adopt a resolution on February 20, 2007 supporting the funding of the Green Acres Fund.  Council concurred.


(Items listed at request of the Councilmember as noted in parenthesis.  Backup provided if available.  Council to determine whether to discuss, list for discussion at an upcoming meeting, or not discuss).

1. Technology Advisory Board (Mayor Katz).


2. Naming Rights (Mayor Katz).

This matter to be held for the March Workshop Meeting.

3. Jitney For Master Plan (C. Feit/C. Rudolph).

C. Rudolph informed Council that the Planning Board suggested and listed this item in the Master Plan, as a recommendation.  Council was interested in further exploring the use of the current private jitneys for the Township on the main roads. 

Mrs. Fall requested Council to provide the names of companies and she will contact them.

4. Pay-To-Play Ordinance (C. Kates).

C. Kates informed she has model ordinances; residents should know appointments are legitimate; suggested monitoring contributions at the County level, not prohibition; suggested that no contracts be awarded for those contributing more than $300.00.

Mr. Turitz explained disclosure forms currently in use by the Township which are in compliance with the State law. 

C. Kates will meet with Mr. Turitz and Mrs. Fall with respect to the drafting of the Ordinance for Council’s consideration.  Council concurred.

5. Customer Service Survey (Mayor Katz).

This matter to be held for the March Workshop.

1. Advisory / Statutory Board / Commission Chairperson Meeting Dates - 4/19 or 4/30.

Mrs. Fall suggested  holding the meeting until the new Boards are convened after July 1st; Council concurred.  Mrs. Fall to provide Council with dates in September, 2007.

2. Council Retreat Follow-up - March Workshop Meeting.

Council discussed using an outside facilitator to continue their goals and objectives discussions.  Mrs. Fall to contact Dr. Strauss of FDU to see about his availability.

3. CLSID 2007 Budget - Set Assessment Hearing.

Mrs. Fall informed Council once adopted, an assessment hearing must be scheduled and; suggested piggy backing this meeting onto the regular meeting on April 11, 2007 at 7 p.m.  Council concurred.

4. DPW Vehicle D-46.

Council agreed with the recommendation to purchase a used 1993 vehicle rather than expending almost the same amount on 1985 vehicle for repairs.  A resolution will be prepared for the February 20, 2007 Meeting.

5. Encroachment Into Public Right-of-way - 1348-1352 Teaneck Road.

Mrs. Fall advised awning encroachments have generally just been placed on the consent agenda; but she felt Council might wish to first discuss at a workshop meeting.  Mayor Katz suggested that Administration review and place on consent agendas.

Mr. Turitz advised that only Council can grant property rights.

It was decided that Council would have encroachment applications scheduled on workshop agendas prior to regular meetings.

6. TVAC 2006 Contribution.

Mrs. Fall recommended Option #3, and Council concurred; which was for the Township to absorb the additional cost for the 2006 fuel as the total remains within the statutory maximum.  C. Feit asked Mrs. Fall to obtain the repair costs incurred by TVAC as a result of the water in the biodiesel and to include this in her efforts to recover and damage costs for Township equipment.  Mrs. Fall will do so.

7. Film Permit Fees.

Mrs. Fall suggested a $250.00 fee for interior filming only.  After discussion, Council concurred.  Mrs. Fall will draft the ordinance.

8. Street Light - 1600 River Road.

A resolution will be prepared for the February 20, 2007 Meeting to authorize installation.

9. Telephone System Update.

Mrs. Fall advised she met with a Teaneck resident who specializes in the subject matter as well as in the area of WIFI, and she will report back to Council in March, 2007 with details.  She thanked C. Feit for making the referral.

10. Box 54.

Mrs. Fall informed Council that she wishes to process payment to Box 54 based upon the June 20th resolution.  The expected grant funding from the State, to offset the costs to the Township for the vehicle have been withdrawn.  Council authorized the full reimbursement to Box 54 for the vehicle and related work as previously authorized on June 20, 2006, notwithstanding the withdrawal of the State grant.

11. New Police Cars.

Previously discussed with Purchasing Agent Lynch.  A resolution will be prepared for the February 20, 2007 Meeting authorizing purchase of 6 vehicles from State Contract.

1. Council Rules - VIII (b) Committees.

Mr. Turitz reminded Council of rules; advised identity purpose of committees is for legislative purposes as Council is a Legislative Body, and does not have the authority to get involved with the Administrative functions of the government. 

This matter to be held for the March Workshop.

 a. By-laws and Membership.

This matter to be held for the March Workshop pending receipt of the comments from the TEDC.

 b. January 26, 2007 Email from Karel Littman as related to 2a. above.

This matter to be held for the March Workshop.

3. Appointments by Council.

Mr. Turitz discussed with Council the procedure to be used in interviewing applicants to Board, Commissions, etc.   Council asked that the proposed ordinance specifically identify the process so that it is clear to everyone.

Mr. Turitz to revise the draft ordinance for further Council consideration.

4. Glenpointe Rezoning Ordinance.

Mr. Turitz to confer with Harold Ritvo, Esq. and provide a further report to Council.

5. HNBL Appointment.

Mr. Turitz reviewed the information provided by HNBL Chairperson Griffin regarding interim appointments.  Council asked Mrs. Fall to schedule interviews for the March 6, 2007 Closed Session Meeting based upon the applications submitted to date.  Mr. Turitz will provide Mrs. Fall with the language for the letter sent to the applicants for the interview.

On a motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, the meeting was adjourned at 9:36 p.m.