Date: January 30, 2017

All year-round, people love to sit in a hot tub or spa.  They provide rejuvenation to tired muscles, can increase circulation & blood flow, and are just plain relaxing.  Some people take advantage of a dip in the hot tub or spa at the fitness club, while on vacation, or even at home for those who have decided that they want to make the health and recreational activity a little more private.

Although hot tubs and spas provide healing, relieve tension and can even be a wonderful social activity, we must remember that there are risks and hazards associated with the use of these systems.


Some of these safety & health risks include:

  • Skin rashes (Pseudomonas Dermatitis) & (Legionnaire’s Disease)
  • Can spread disease if not maintained (from diarrhea)
  • Injury (broken railing, broken steps, sharp time edges)
  • Can lead to nausea
  • Can lead to poisoning (unsecured chemicals)
  • Potential drowning
  • Possible ear infections


What can you do to help avoid injuries and other safety and health concerns in the hot tub or spa?

  • Make sure you follow the specifications on your home unit for sanitizing, changing water, testing water, etc.
  • If you are pregnant, avoid use or at least follow your doctor’s recommendation
  • Do not allow small children in the hot tub and all children should be supervised
  • When not in use, make sure the hot tub is covered and locked
  • Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit                                                                                  (certain organisms grow rapidly above this temperature which increase the risk of skin rashes)
  • Make sure all chemicals for cleaning and sanitation are locked away from children and properly labeled
  • If unsure how to maintain, hire a professional to treat, clean and maintain system
  • Make sure system is installed according to local building, plumbing and electrical code to avoid injuries such as: collapsing decks, electrocution, high powered suction drains, etc.
  • If using a hot tub or spa at a facility, like a fitness center or hotel, feel free to ask the facility director to see their water testing log or their most recent inspection by the Health Department
  • Do not use glass containers in the vicinity of the unit which can break and cause severe cuts
  • Do NOT use the hot tub/spa if under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If using prescribed medication, consult with your physician for direction
  • Always use handrails and be cautious while entering and exiting unit


Please see links below for a lot of great information from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) for safety measures, skin rashes, various other diseases, maintenance procedures and many other things that are good to know to keep yourself, your family and guests safe while enjoying the benefits of sitting in a hot tub/spa:


See links below for training and certification related to hot tubs and spas:


See link below for Chapter IX of the New Jersey Sanitary Code for Public Recreational Bathing: