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Safety Tips Regarding Wildlife

Date: June 27, 2017

Safety Tips Regarding Wildlife


During the year, the Health Department fields a number of calls from concerned residents about wildlife sightings including:  red fox, coyote, bobcats and other wildlife.  If you see such wildlife and want to report a sighting, please call the Bergen County Humane Enforcement at:                  (201) 621-4111 or visit their website for more information on our animal control services.  You can also contact the Teaneck Police Department at: (201) 837-2600

As always, safety precautions should be taken when encountering wildlife.

These safety measures may include:

       ·         avoid and do NOT approach aggressive wildlife

·         keep a safe distance from non-aggressive wildlife

·          protect your pets by vaccinating them against rabies

·          never leave small children and small pets outside and unsupervised

·          report any bites or incidents involving another animal 

·          stay away from wild animals especially if they appear sluggish or overly aggressive

·          nocturnal animals that are seen during the day should also be avoided

·          if you or your pet are bitten or scratched by a wild animal you should immediately clean the wound with soap and clean water and have it treated by a physician or veterinarian, respectively

·         all such incidents must be reported to the Health Department at 201-837-1600 (x1500) or Teaneck Police Department at 201-837-2600


For safety reasons and prohibitive laws regarding the releasing of wild animals, the trapping of such on private property should be left to a licensed professional.  Any sightings of sick or injured animals should be brought to our attention immediately.


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