Ethics Board

Ethics Board

The Board’s purpose is to provide a method of assuring that standards of ethical conduct and financial disclosure requirements for local government officers and employees shall be clear, consistent, uniform in their application, enforceable, and to provide local officers and/or employees with advice and information concerning possible conflicts of interest with might arise in the conduct to their public duties.
Council Liaison:

Meetings: 4/11/19, 8PM, Lower Level Conference Room

        MEMBERS                POSITION                TERM        

         Leonard Fuld       


Heidi Fuchs


Angela Barker


Captain John Faggello

Police Department Representative

To contact the Ethics Board Chairperson or to file an ethics complaint, please email .

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If you are a non-member and wish to participate in this Advisory Board's meeting, please Contact the board that's holding the meeting and request that your issue or matter be listed on their agenda for discussion.