Deputy Managers Duties

Sec. 2-25 Deputy Manager

During any temporary absence of the Manager or in the event of his/her disability, the Deputy Manager shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of that office in accordance with Sec. 2-24 Duties.


The Deputy Manager reports directly to the Township Manager and routinely interacts with all Department Heads, Staff, Elected Officials, Residents, the Business Community, Boards, Commissions and Committees. The Deputy Manager provides administrative support to the Township Manager; assists with the formulation, implementation, review and control of the policies, procedures and regulations regarding the administration of the Township; is responsible for supervising, directing and monitoring the Township’s day-to-day operations including all duties and responsibilities assigned to the Department of Human Resources; participates in the research, planning and development of goals to enhance Township Operations; assists in the preparation of the Operating and Capital Budget; administers and manages personnel issues; attends Township meetings; serves as a Township liaison to assigned Boards, Commissions and Committees; and, assumes the responsibilities of the Township Manager in his/her absence.