Applications For Teaneck’s Trees of Love Program Are Available Now!

Published on Apr 11, 2018 at 08:20a.m.

Trees of Love is a program sponsored by the Teaneck Shade Tree Advisory Board.  It provides the opportunity to plant a native tree in a township park commemorating a   loved one or celebrating   a special event such as a wedding, birth, graduation, bar and bat mitzvah and confirmations.  

The $350 fee includes the planting of the tree by the Teaneck DPW, an engraved granite plaque and a water bag.  Everything but the water bag is tax deductible.

Ellen Schwartz, one of the architects of the program, stated:  “The trees are beautiful! They provide shade, keep the water table in the right balance and provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife.  This is a wonderful opportunity to honor those you love by planting of a tree that will grow and flourish through the years.”

Applications for the program are available on the Township website:  A description of the  tree choices can be found on the site.  These choices include dogwoods, redbuds, serviceberries, fringe trees as well as the revered giants:  oaks, maples, beeches and hickories.  The grid for the applicant’s inscription is also found on the site.  Applications must be submitted by May 15, 2018.

Please bring the completed application and check to the Teaneck DPW office located on the second floor of  the old Municipal Building .  Just a reminder!  The spring planting season is short so it is important to get the application in early so that the tree has a good head start before the summer heat arrives!

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