School Crossing Guard Alternate

Job Title: School Crossing Guard Alternate

Job Description:

Adult school crossing guards play an important role in the lives of children who walk or bike to school. Young children are more
vulnerable to crashes when crossing the street because, until the age of 9 or 10, they lack the motor and cognitive skills required to safely
navigate many traffic situations. Crossing guards aid children in safely crossing the street, and through their example, crossing guards help
children develop the skills necessary to cross streets safely. In addition, crossing guards serve as a visual alert to drivers about the presence of

The prime duty of school crossing guards is to assist children in
crossing the street at assigned times and locations. The first concern of
crossing guards is the safety of the students.
• Crossing Guards should provide safe crossings of the roadways.
• Crossing guards should model appropriate street skills and
behavior for child pedestrians.


• Crossing guards shall not have the right to bear firearms or the
power of arrest unless the crossing guard is also a member of
the police department or force (N.J.S.A. 40A:9-154.1).
• Crossing guards shall not direct traffic, but rather, they shall
choose opportune times to create sufficient gaps in the traffic
flow. At these times, they shall stand in the roadway to indicate
that pedestrians are about to use or are using the crosswalk,
and that all vehicular traffic must stop.

• Be on time. Call out sick well in advance.
• Always wear reflective vest and carry STOP paddle while
on post.
• Maintain a neat appearance. Keep uniform in good condition.
• Scan the area for hazardous conditions (potholes,obscured signs, ice, snow, etc.)
• Park your car in a safe and legal place where it will not obstruct your vision of traffic.
• Remain standing at post during hours of duty. Never sit in vehicle.
• Be courteous, pleasant and businesslike with children and adults.
• Never leave your post during hours of duty. If a family emergency arises, contact your supervisor or the school to
arrange for relief.
• Leave post at end of shift, unless child pedestrians are approaching the crosswalk.
• Be professional.
• Do not smoke or use tobacco products, eat or drink, or chew gum, use profanity, or be under the influence of drugs
or alcohol while on duty.
• Do not use a personal cell phone or other electronic device unless necessary to report an emergency.
• Do not read or listen to music.
• Do not engage drivers in conversation.
• Do not touch children or allow children to sit in the guard’s
•To perform the functions of the crossing guard position, the applicant must be capable of standing for
two hours or more at a time and be able to lift and hold in position a stop sign weighing approximately
one pound while holding the opposite hand in an upright, raised position.

To apply, please visit the Teaneck Police Department and pick up an application at the desk.