Projects Under Construction

2019 Roadway Resurfacing Program

Here is the list of streets currently scheduled for roadway resurfacing in 2020 as part of the 2019 Road Resurfacing Program. 

No. Road Name  Road Limit
1 LAUREL TER. Englewood Ave to Dead End
2 ALICIA AVE. West Forest Ave to Evergreen Pl
3 BEAUMONT AVE. Church St to Bogert St
4 LONGFELLOW AVE. Church St to Bogert St
5 ANA ST. West Forest Ave to Dead End
6 SCHLEY PL. Palisade Ave to Queen Anne Rd
7 CARLTON TER. Queen Anne Rd to Red Road
8 STERLING PL. Red Road to Prince St
9 PALMER AVE. Gray St to Barr Ave
10 SOMERSET GATE. Grenville Ave to W. Englewood Ave
11 BERWICK AVE. S. Forest Dr to S. Forest Dr
12 CORNWALL AVE. River Rd. to Northumberland Rd.
13 SAGAMORE AVE. Wilson Ave to Lincoln Ave
14 CUMBERLAND AVE. Wilson Ave to Belle Ave