Projects Under Construction

2017 Roadway Resurfacing Program

Updated: November 30th, 2017

The Township of Teaneck’s 2017 Road Resurfacing Program is suspended now due to winter work stopage. It will resume in Spring 2018 in early April and the remainder of the roads will be completed.

Concrete work for the following streets is completed and these streets will be the first to get milled and paved in Spring 2018:

  • Alpine Drive
  • Country Club Drive
  • Redmond Street
  • Stuyvesant Road
  • Van Cortland Terrace

Milling and paving for the following roads is completed.

  • Camperdown Avenue
  • Catalpa Avenue
  • Cranford Place
  • Fairidge Terrace
  • Falmouth Road
  • Forest Avenue
  • Grace Terrace
  • Grenville Avenue
  • Helen Street
  • Hudson Road
  • Irvington Road
  • Jefferson Street
  • Kensington Road
  • Kipp Street
  • Larch Avenue
  • Linden Avenue
  • Martense Avenue
  • Maitland Avenue
  • North Street
  • Ogden Avenue
  • Oritani Place
  • Red Road
  • Rugby Road
  • Rutland Avenue
  • Turnbridge Road
  • Van Arsdale Place
  • Werner Place

Please watch this page for frequent updates on construction progress when the project resumes.

During concrete construction, please stay clear of the construction area for your own safety and safety of others.

Any grass or landscaping damaged during construction will be restored within two weeks once paving is complete. We appreciate your patience in this matter. If your property is not restored within this period, please send an email to

Please keep your vehicles off the street while the "NO PARKING" signs are posted on the street. You can park on the street 4 hours after the paving is completed. Sometimes it takes time to remove the "NO PARKING" signs after paving is done but you can park on the street after the settlement period.