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Joe Berchtold
  Fire Chief 

Dial 911 to report a fire
Non-emergency phone: (201) 808-8080

Fire Headquarters Address
1231 Teaneck Road
   Teaneck, NJ 07666 


In addition to responding to all fire alarms, the Department is often called out to auto accidents, rescue missions and other emergencies.  We are 93 members strong, with 31 Officers, 60 firefighters and 2 civilian staff.

FIRE SUPPRESSION : The primary goal of the Teaneck Fire Department is to prevent fires from occurring. When a fire does occur the goal is to immediately protect life and property by promptly confining, controlling and extinguishing the fire while rescuing any trapped occupant. It should be noted that the average response time of the Teaneck Fire Department is three minutes from time of notification to arrival on the scene (this is below the recommended four minute response time). At the first sign of smoke and/or fire, and/ or alarm activations, the fire department must be notified. Building occupants should leave the structure immediately and call the fire department from outside the structure. Many serious and/or fatal fires could have been avoided by prompt notification of the local fire department. Remember delays in notification of the fire department cost lives. Additionally,  NEVER REENTER A BURNING STRUCTURE.  The Teaneck Fire Department is a member of the Mid-Bergen Mutual Aid Association and serves as the Mutual Aid Dispatch Center.

RESCUE OPERATIONS:  Auto extrication (removal of a victim trapped in a vehicle) occurs quite often in Teaneck. The fire department responds to serious motor vehicle accidents, along with the Teaneck Police Department and the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps on Route 4, Route 80, and Route 95 and on local streets. It should be noted that the Teaneck Fire Department responds to water rescues on the Hackensack River, Overpeck Creek and to flooding conditions in Teaneck and neighboring towns upon request.

FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU:  The Bureau is the enforcement agency for the Township's Fire Code, which is aimed at controlling fire hazards in all structures in the community. The Fire Code mandates periodic inspections, which includes inspections of schools, local businesses, factories, hospitals, nursing homes, all commercial businesses, industrial and office buildings in the community. All new construction, including renovations and additions, is inspected by a fire specialist before a certificate of occupancy is issued. There is a strong effort of cooperation with the Building Department to build in as much fire protection as possible. Residents may request an inspection of their home to determine whether fire hazards exist. A fire prevention specialist will make a comprehensive examination of the resident's home or apartment and prepare a list of recommendations for changes that will greatly reduce the possibility of fire. All residences upon resale and all rental units upon rental, in accordance with State mandate, are inspected for required smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.  The Bureau reminds residents that one to two weeks notice is required for a smoke detector and carbon monoxide inspection appointment due to the large volume of requests  .

The Fire Prevention Bureau has speakers available for Fire Safety lectures. Please contact the Bureau at (201) 808-8080 ext. 5204 to schedule a lecture for your group or organization.

FIRE INVESTIGATION UNIT (FIU):  Under the direction of the Chief of Department and the Fire Official the FIU conducts investigations of all fires for origin and cause. In cases of arson, the FIU coordinates with the Teaneck Police Department, the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, the Bergen County Arson Squad and other State and Federal agencies.

FIRE ALARM BUREAU:  The Township has 315 fire alarm boxes strategically located throughout the Township.  Teaneck fire alarm boxes are used to report fires, pre fire smoke conditions and a variety of other incidents including medical emergencies, electrical accidents, steam leaks, etc.  The majority of boxes are dual use, relaying alarms from protected premises such as schools, places of public assembly, high rises, etc., as well as being available to bystanders to manually report fires and emergencies.  The fire alarm boxes will continue to operate during power failures and are completely independent of the telephone system and private alarm companies.

The cables connecting the fire alarm system to the fire stations are multi use, also carrying tie lines for the police, fire, DPW and ambulance radio systems, as well as voice and data connections between most township owned buildings.  The municipally owned cable plant saves thousands of dollars a month by avoiding the use of leased lines or microwave links.