Above Ground Pools


A Swimming Pool is a structure intended for swimming, recreational bathing or wading that can hold water over 24” deep. The first item needed to install your above ground pool is Zoning Approval. For this, a survey will be required. These are commonly obtained during a house sale. We will need a “clean” copy, showing the existing conditions of your property. We will need a second copy showing where you propose to install the pool. Keep in mind, the surveys must be to scale (original size), so do not fax them and be careful if sending them by email. 

Included in this package are the necessary permits. Page one of the Zoning Application is the owner information, owner email, contractor information and proposed work. On page two, you can check the box for swimming pool under Application Type and you must sign it.

Page three contains information about the process. Page four is a sample of a survey. Page five contains the important information. You must provide us with the existing and proposed lot coverage. We need this to determine if your property has excessive coverage as allowed by ordinance. Maximum permitted lot coverage for a lot less than 6000 square feet is 45%, 40% if 6000 sq. ft.or greater. The same is true regarding required setbacks from property lines, which is a minimum of 8 feet.  Page six contains some information regarding filling out page five.

Also include two copies of the pool specifications and the Zoning Review fee of $150.00.

Next, you will need to complete the Construction Permit Application. Please fill in all owner and contractor information on the Jacket, Building and Electric Applications. Page 2 of the Jacket is for the homeowner and/or contractor to complete and sign. We have also included a sample of the electric for an above ground pool.

All this should be submitted together. We will review this and advise on the status at conclusion of Zoning. If approved, we will than review the Construction Application. Again, we will notify you at the conclusion. If approved we will apprise you of the fee for the Construction permit. Once received the permit will be issued and you can start installing the pool.

Above Ground Pool Electric sample

UCC Building Subcode Technical Section F110

UCC Construction Permit Application Jacket pg1-F100-1

UCC Construction Permit Jacket pg2-F100-2

UCC Electrical Subcode Technical Section F120







Mark Bocchino

Construction Official