It is imperative that the Teaneck community follow these steps to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus to flatten the curve:
  • Wash hands often with soap and water. If not available, use hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick
  • Stay home while you are sick and avoid contact with others
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing
  • Practice social distancing of 6', self quarantine, and avoid gatherings no matter the size

Below are important links with current information on COVID-19

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July 9,2020 UpdatesExecutive Order 163 Outdoor Face -- Coverings Business Guidance 7-6-20
June 29,2020 Updates

Self-Quarantine for Travelers to NJ FAQ  --  Reopening Guidance for New Jersey Schools

Return of Indoor Dining POSTPONED: Governor Murphy just announced that plans to allow indoor dining on July 2nd have been postpone after seeing COVID19 spikes in other states driven by, in part, the return of indoor dining.

June 27,2020 UpdatesEO-157 (Rules for indoor dining and Recreational Facilities) Indoor Dining Rules
June 23,2020 Updates

EO-156 (Increased Indoor and Outdoor Gathering Capacity Limits) 

Executive Diective 20-017 (Standards and Protocols for Visitors and Facility Staff at Nursing Facilities)

June 19,2020 UpdatesAO_2020-16 (Certain indoor portions of retail shopping malls may open on June 29th)
June 18,2020 UpdatesEO-155 (Limited In-Person Instruction at Institutions) 
June 16,2020 UpdatesGuidance for Outdoor Organized Sports  --  Teaneck Library Contacless Pickup
June 15,2020 Updates

EO-154 (Allowing Personal Care Service Facilities to Open) 

DCA AO-2020-09 (Requirements for Reopening Cosmetology and Massage Businesses

June 12,2020 Updates

Bergen CARES Small Business Grant Program  --  Rules and Regulations for Outdoor Cafe 

Request a Temporary Street Closure

June 10,2020 UpdatesEO 152 &153
June 8,2020 UpdatesShort-Term Rental Assistance Program
June 5,2020 UpdatesEO-151 (Extending Public Health Emergency) 
June 3,2020 Updates

EO T2020-05 ( Phelps Dog Park)  --  EO T2020-06 (Parking Restrictions)

June 1,2020 UpdatesEO-149 (Child care resumption)  --  EO-150 (Outdoor Dining Protocols) 
May 29,2020 UpdatesMaster Business List  (Who can be open)  --  
May 26,2020 UpdatesEO T2020-04 (Community Gardens)
May 22,2020 UpdatesEO-148 (Increasing Capacity Limit on Outdoor Gatherings)
May 21,2020 UpdatesEO T2020-03 (Tennis Courts reopening)
May 20,2020 Updates

Administrative Order Cars Motorcycles Bicycles

Holy Name's The Road To Recovery: The New Normal

May 19,2020 Updates

EO-147 (Reopening some outdoor recreational businesses)   --  NJMVC Extends Expiration Due Dates

Governor Murphy Multi-Stage Restart of NJ Economy  --  BIPARTISAN SMART FUND

Restoring Economic Health (Chart)

May 18,2020 Updates

EO-144 (Primary election vote-by-mail)  --  EO-145 (Elective surgeries resume)

EO-146 (Reopen Charter Fishing and Watercraft Rental) 

May 15,2020 Updates

COVID-19 Testing in Teaneck to Continue

Community Mobile COVID-19 Testing in Teaneck, Wednesday May 20, 2020 

May 14,2020 UpdatesEO-143 (Beaches, Boardwalks, Lakes, and Lake shores to Remain Open)
May 13,2020 Updates

AO 2020-12 (Recreational & Entertainment Activities)  --  Social Distancing  - Apps for Seniors

NJ Student Nurse Strong Initiative  

Community Mobile COVID-19 Testing - With and Without symptoms (times and locations)

May 13,2020 Updates

Holy Name Medical Center FAQ's.pdf

Executive Order 142 Non-essential Construction, Curbside Pickup, & Car Gatherings

May 12, 2020 UpdatesSchool Graduation Celebrations 
May 11, 2020 UpdatesNJ Coronavirus testing centers (
May 8, 2020 UpdatesHospital ER's are safe
May 7, 2020 UpdatesCoronavirus Testing in Teaneck
May 6, 2020 Updates

EO-134 (Flags at half-staff)   --  EO-136 (Extending Statutory Deadlines for Various Environmental Laws

EO-137 (Recognize New Fiscal Realities Due to COVID-19 Pandemic)

EO-138 (Extending Public Health Emergency in New Jersey)

May 5, 2020 UpdatesProperty Tax Grace Period Extension (Teaneck Council Resolution)
May 4, 2020 UpdatesEmergency Child Care Centers  --  EO-135 (suspending in-person requirements)   --  
May 1, 2020 UpdatesEO 2020-01F (County Parks/Golf Courses)  --  EO T2020-02 (Parks Opening)
April 30, 2020 Updates

EO 128 (Critical Short-Term Support for Renters)  --  EO 129 (Extends Retired Officer Carry Permits)

EO 130 (Extend Grace Period for May 1st Property Tax Payments) 

EO 131 (Creating a commission on reopening plan)  --  EO 132 (Allowing Electronic Petition Submission)

EO 133 (Reopening State Parks and Golf Courses)

April 23, 2020 UpdatesNJ Unemployment Insurance Contact Us Form (Questions about applications)

April 22, 2020 Updates

Bergen and Monmouth Testing UPDATE

April 19, 2020 Updates

NJ Transit schedule changes starting April 20, 2020  --  Bergen County Expanded Testing Hours 

CDC Coronavirus COVID-19 Resource Guides 

April 15, 2020 Updates

EO-127 - Extends end date of other Executive Orders
April 14, 2020 Updates

EO-126 (Telecommunication Providers)  --  NJ COVID-19 Symptom Checker 

Police/Fire Birthday Drive-By

April 13, 2020 UpdatesExpanded Testing Hours at NBMC
April 12, 2020 Updates

EO-123 (Insurance Grace Period)  --  EO 124 (Temporary Reprieve to Certain At-Risk Inmates)

EO-125 (Food Establishments - Face Covering and Occupancy)

April 9, 2020 UpdatesDIY Face Coverings  --  EO-122 (Essential Construction)  --  
April 8, 2020 Updates

Coronavirus Pandemic Resource Guide  --  Emergency Assistance Eligibility Wizard

 What Employers & Businesses Should Know

April 7, 2020 Updates

EO 115 (Hiring Retirees)  --  NJ State Parks and Forests CLOSED  --  EO 116 (School Elections) 

 EO 117 (Student Assessments)  --  EO 118 (Parks Closed)

April 6, 2020 Updates

AO- 2020-7 (Blood Drives)  --  AG Guidelines COVID-10 Medications

  NJ DOL  "NJ Workers" FAQ

April 5, 2020 Updates

AO-040420  --  NAMI COVID-19 Guide (Updated)  -- NJEDA Small Buiness Assistance Grants 

Teaneck COVID-19 Timeline Chart  --  Teaneck COVID-19 Time Doubling Chart

April 4, 2020 UpdatesWearing Cloth Face Mask  --  Social distancing in public sign
April 2, 2020 Updates

Audible Alert System Testing - Testing to be done on April 3 at 09:30. This will only be a test of the system. 

Bergen County COVID-19 Testing Update  --  Flattening the Coroavirus Curve Poster  --   

 COVID-19 Scenarios Benefits Chart   --   COVID-19 Scenarios Benefits Chart_Spanish   

   Surge Charts  --  FamiliesFirstCoronaResAct

April 1, 2020 Updates

NJ State Tax Filing Date Extension

Age Friendly Teaneck -- Census 2020 Reminder

March 31, 2020 Updates90 day mortgage deferral program - participating lenders 
March 29, 2020 Updates

Governor Murphy Announces Mortgage Payment Relief ,    SNAP Assistance,   Bergen County

March 15, 2020 UpdatesT2020-01
 Executive Orders 

New Jersey

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Update, AO-040420 (Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses)

Bergen County



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March 24th, 2020 Coronavirus Media Briefing  Report Businesses Violating Executive Order 107

Center for Diease Control  --  Fact Sheet  --  Sick With COVID19  --   Situation

Summary  --  Resource Guides


NJEDA Main Page  --  Business Initiatives   --  NJEDA programs


New Jersey main COVID-19 information Hub


Worldwide COVID-19 statistics (charts and maps)

Health Departments

NJ Health Department COVID-19 Page,    New Jersey COVID-19 

Bergen County Health Department COVID-19 information

Teaneck Health Department

NJ Bills Affecting Local GovernmentBills Affecting Local Government 3-21-20.pdf
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