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Welcome to the homepage of the Teaneck Youth Advisory Board (YAB).  We look forward to connecting with you to make a difference in our town.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is to empower, express ideas and to bridge the gap between Teaneck's Township officials and the youth of the community.

About the YAB

The Teaneck Youth Advisory Board is a Township-wide board with goals to develop recommendations for programs; express the ideas of the youth; bridge the gap between Township Officials and it's youth and to empower our Teaneck Youth with viable, established and real channels to make a difference.

The Youth Advisory Board consists of teenagers in grades 8-12, who live in  Teaneck and are both public or private school students. The members are appointed by the Township Council.

What is the YAB doing?

Developing recommendations for youth programs.

Study/survey matters which may be related to the interest  of the youth in Teaneck.

Reviewing current programs provided by the Township, Board of Education or private schools and making recommendations on ways to better coordinate, change, expand or create new programs.

Making recommendations to the Township Council for services not currently in existence.

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