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Elections and voting

To register to vote, change your address, or change your name, you must complete and mail a voter registration form.  The forms are available in the Clerk's office or by clicking here.

One can register to vote at anytime.  However, to vote in an upcoming election, you must register no later than 21 days before the election.  The Clerk's office holds late night voter registration before this deadline.  We will post notices on the website to announce the late night voter registration and we submit press releases.

Your polling place is listed on the sample ballot you receive a week before the election.  You can always call the Clerk's office at (201) 837-1600 ext. 1025 as well.

Non-partisan municipal elections are held on the second Tuesday in the month of May on each even year.

The next Non-Partisan Municipal Election will be held on May 12, 2020 at which time three candidates will be elected to serve the community-at-large for four years.


You can access the council meeting schedule by clicking here

You can access council's contact information by clicking here or by sending a letter to the council in care of the clerk's office.


You can file an Request for Access to Government Records by clicking here and submitting this form to the Clerk's office.  If you will be e-mailing your application, direct your e-mail to clerk@teanecknj.gov.

No permit is required.  However, you cannot post signs on public property (street, sidewalk, Township trees, utility poles).  You can have signs on your property.

Passport applications are processed by the County Clerk, who can be contacted at (201) 336-7054 and the United States Postal Service, who can be contacted at 800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777).

You can obtain an advisory board application by clicking here and forwarding the application to the Clerk's office.  If you will be e-mailing your application, direct your e-mail to clerk@teanecknj.gov .

Parking Decals

Why would I need a parking decal?

A parking decal helps get your car off the street, and not having to move your car around during the day or at night.

What is the purpose of each decal type?

  • Resident decal allows residents to park near their home.
  • Commuter decal allows a commuter to park near some form of public transportation.
  • Merchant decal allows employees to park near their location for employment.
  • Visitor decal allows someone to park short-term in front of their host's house.

Residents seeking a solution for a long term parking situation should call the Police Department at 201-837-2600.

How long is a parking decal valid?

A parking decal is valid for the calendar year printed onto the decal (or the remainder of the printed calendar year).

Where can I park?

Places to park can be found at http://www.ecode360.com/13625931. Please check the signage at these parking lots.

Does the price change as the year progresses?

The price for the decal does not change as the year progresses.

Is there each type of decal parking in each lot?

Please check the signage in the lot you wish to park in.

What is the cost of the decal? How can I pay?

The cost of the decal is $50 for the whole year. Payments are accepted in cash, check, or money order. Sorry, no credit or debit cards.

Does a parking decal override parking restrictions? What department should I call regarding fines?

A common misconception about parking decals is that they override existing parking restrictions, for example, "No Parking 10-12." This is not the case. Signage must be followed, no matter the decal. Questions about fines should be addressed to the Court Office, at 201-837-1600 x1800

What do I need to bring with me when I purchase a decal?

  • Resident and Commuter decal applicants who own their own vehicles must bring their driver's license (reflecting your name, your current address, and must be a New Jersey License), a current, unexpired vehicle registration (reflecting your name, current address, and a New Jersey Registration), and proof of residency (types of proof or residency are on the form. Any bill that reflects the applicant's name and current address is adequate).

  • Resident and Commuter decal applicants who do not own their own vehicles must bring a must bring their driver's license (reflecting your current address, and must be a New Jersey License), a current, unexpired vehicle registration, proof of residency (acceptable forms of proof of residency are on the application form. Any bill that reflects the applicant's name and current address is adequate), and a letter of consent from the owner.

Merchant Decal applicants:

  • must have their license and registration
  • Should only fill out the first and second page of the application once when applying for multiple people
  • Should ensure all applicants fill out the third page and let the Clerk's office fill out the fourth page for each applicant
  • Must bring their current lease or deed as their proof of residency, not a bill
  • A letter from the owner allowing the employees to purchase decals

What if I don't own the car?

A letter of consent is required from the owner. The letter must include the name of the decal applicant, license plate number, make and model, and that permission is given to the applicant. (Example: I, Jane Appleseed, hereby give consent to my Husband, John Appleseed, who lives at 123 Sesame Street, to drive my vehicle, the Ford Model T, license plate SESAME).

What if my license or registration does not reflect my current address?

Your address can be changed by submitting an online form at https://emvc.state.nj.us/MVC_SAC/AVSStart.jsp, and after submitting, there is a page that shows your address has changed, and can be printed out to show the change of address.

How can I fill out the form on my own?

Parking Decal Application

The application form can be found in the "Documents & Forms" section on the Clerk's section of the Township website. Its label is "Parking Decal Application - Residents, Commuters & Merchants" The form can be filled out online and printed, by printing out and filling it out by hand, or by asking for one at the Clerk's office.

Do I need to come it to get the decal?

Yes, the applicant must come to the Clerk's office to get the decal.

Are there any special requirements for someone who leases a vehicle?

There are no requirements for people who lease their vehicle.

What if my decal was lost or stolen?

Cases of lost or stolen decals are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please come to the Clerk's office so the matter can be best handled.

What if I get a new car during the year? What if my usual car is temporarily out of service?

As long as the decal for the previous car is brought in, along with the new registration, a new decal can be provided at no charge. For a car temporarily out of service, if the usual car's decal is brought in and the temporary car's registration is brought in, an emergency decal will  be provided free of charge. The usual car's decal will be returned when the original vehicle is ready, and the emergency decal is brought in.

What if I come to the Clerk's office and do not have all the required materials?

A partially completed decal form can be put on the side, or can be redone once all the materials have been brought in.

Is my form logged?

All forms are put in a Parking Decal database.

Questions? Has anything since your form was filled out changed?

Please call the Clerk's office at 201-837-1600 x1025

Note: during a snow event, all cars should be moved to a municipal lot or driveway. Leaving your car on the street is an inconvenience to snow plowers, and illegal.