Teaneck Municipal Alliance Against Substance Abuse

  Teaneck Municipal Alliance Against Substance Abuse

Board’s Focus (try to align with Township Code)/Duties/Activities: The Teaneck Municipal Alliance Against Substance Abuse (TMAASA) focuses its efforts towards the prevention of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse.  Its objectives are to develop and support prevention programs for outreach and community support.  The Alliance works closely with local municipal officials, police, school personnel, professional organizations and residents to support local programs such as D.A.R.E., Project Graduation, National Night Out, Project Find, Peer Leadership, Junior Police Academy and other alcohol and drug free prevention activities.   TMAASA looks to 1) assist in decreasing ATOD arrests, 2) providing resources for ATOD prevention, 3) decrease interest in ATOD and  4) increase neighborhood attachment.

If applicable, history of board: Created and approved by Council through Resolution in 1989.  TMAASA is now in its 31st year.  The program has been under

the coordination of the Teaneck Health Department since 1995, after being coordinated by community members from 1989 through 1994.

TMAASA has received over $500,000 in DEDR Funding during those 31 years.  Funding is 75% from DEDR (Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction), 25% Cash match

by the Township and 75% in-kind service.  TMAASA is under the direction of the Governor's Council on Alcohol Drug (GCADA)

Council Liaison:

Meetings (date/time/location): Main Level New Municipal Building Conference Room, 530PM.

2/10/20, 5/11/20, 9/14/20, 11/16/20 (tentative)





Resolution #

Ken Katter

TWp. Liaison

Victoria Fisher


Reverend Carl Dixon


Nancy Cochrane


Adrienne Williams


Kathy Azzaro


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If you need to get in contact with TMAASA, please send an email to tmaasa@teanecknj.gov

If you are a non-member and wish to participate in this Advisory Board's meeting, please Contact the board that's holding the meeting and request that your issue or matter be listed on their agenda for discussion.