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Questions? Comments? Please contact the Clerk&squot;s Office at 201-837-1600 Ext. 1025.

This Department assists and supervises with voter registration; the issuance of liquor licenses, amusement games licenses, towing licenses, movie theater licenses and taxi cab licenses; compliance certificates for limousines; commercial parking decals and; solicitation permits.

In addition, this office is where the public comes to obtain copies of the Township Code, Development Regulations, the One Hundred Year Book, the Historic Landmark Guide, the Township Street Map, the Zoning Map or simply, general information.

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Purchasing Department Office at 201-837-1600 Ext. 1300.

The Purchasing Department procures equipment and services to assist our various operating departments meet their objectives.

The Purchasing Department is a support function to all of the Township&squot;s departments and their operations!

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Finance Department at 201-837-1600 Ext.1250.

The Tax Office collects all tax moneys owed by Teaneck property owners for Municipal, County and School taxes. It provides information to homeowners and other interested parties on the status of payment of taxes.

The Finance Office oversees the operations of the Tax Office and Registrar&squot;s office to ensure collection of taxes, which totaled over $115,000,000 last year from over 12,000 properties. In addition, the Department is responsible for the receipt, safeguarding, investment and disbursement of municipal funds which includes Tax Collection, Accounts Payable and Payroll.

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Library at 201-837-4171.

Your Teaneck Public Library card is valid in 72 other libraries in the Bergen County Library System (BCCLS). This allows you to borrow, either in person or through interlibrary loan, from over 4.8 million items. This saves you money. Teaneck not only does not have to try to buy everything, but it also allows us to treat the other libraries as off-site storage space. The Library catalog is available 24/7 at

Using your Library card number and a PIN, you also can search three full text databases for magazine and newspaper articles. Search for trip information, evaluations of appliances, news about diseases, or a topic that is in the news.

The Library, in conjunction with the Friends of the Library, offers many outstanding cultural and informational programs during the year without any admission charge. Films, concerts, lectures, live performances - consult the Library calendar of events regularly at or in the weekly issues of the Suburbanite.

Parents with young and school age children will find a wide variety of programs and services offered by the Library's Children's Department. In addition to an outstanding collection of print and non-print materials, the Library schedules a wide range of story times, puppet shows, and special events throughout the year.

People who are homebound may telephone Library staffer Carol Anderson at 201-837-4171 and have books and other materials delivered to them. This service is offered most Thursdays during the year.

The Library offers Internet access in the reference department - it was one of the first two libraries in the state to do so -- fully a decade ago. We also offer wireless access.

A new offering by the Library in conjunction with BCCLS is downloadable audio. People may scan a list of over 1000 titles and download them to their MP3 player for listening at home, while commuting, or while traveling. Full details can be found at

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Department at 201-837-1600 Ext.1727.

Department of Public Works and Engineering Department provides the following services to the Teaneck residents:

  1. Snow Removal and Salting
  2. Leaf Collection
  3. Garden Debris Pick-up
  4. Street Sweeping
  5. Recycling
  6. Shade Tree Maintenance and Removal
  7. Tree Planting
  8. Street Maintenance, including Pothole Repair
  9. Park Maintenance, including Athletic Field Upkeep
  10. Public Pools
  11. Street Lights
  12. Street Resurfacing
  13. Park Infrastructure Replacement Program
  14. Cedar Lane Streetscape Improvement Program
  15. Municipal Roadway System
  16. Sanitary Sewer System
  17. Parks System

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Department at 201-808-8080 for non emergencies and 9-1-1 for emergencies.

One of the best features of the Teaneck Fire Department is the response time to calls. Anyone in Teaneck can call the Fire Department anytime of the day or night for any type of emergency and have a Fire Department unit from their local neighborhood firehouse arrive within three to four minute time frame, to provide assistance.

The Fire Department maintains a Fire Alarm System within the Township, which contains 315 Fire Alarm boxes and 35 miles of fire alarm cable. The Teaneck Fire Department responds to nearly 4,000 calls for assistance in each year. The Teaneck Fire Department responds to the usual building fires, smoke conditions, vehicle and brush fires, electrical and water emergencies, vehicle accidents and extrications, hazardous materials problems, medical emergencies and mutual aid calls to neighboring communities.

The Department also responds to a wide variety of service calls, such as home and vehicle lockouts, fire alarm problems, down wires, and the Good Morning check up program, where a firefighter will call a senior citizen or shut in every morning to make sure they are okay.

The Fire Department has a Handicapped Assistance Program for Township residents without off street parking during snow emergencies. The Fire Department will assist registered residents with moving their vehicle to a firehouse parking lot during the snow plowing operations and assist with returning the vehicle when the snow emergency is over. Please call us at 201-837-2085, by November 1st of each year, to register for this program.

The Fire Prevention Bureau makes annual inspections of all commercial buildings and life safety occupancies. They enforce the Fire Code and work closely with the Building Department in approving plans for new construction and renovations. They inspect smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for apartment rentals and house sales.

Every fire is investigated for cause and origin. If arson is suspected, the Bureau will work closely with the local police and the Bergen County Prosecutor&squot;s office.

The owner of a one or two family home may call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 201-837-2085 for a courtesy fire safety check. A Fire Inspector will make an appointment to inspect your home and when completed give you a list of suggested items to make your home safer.

Box 54 is a service unit, manned by volunteers and operating two canteen trucks. They respond to all serious fires and emergencies as well as to provide refreshments and rehab for emergency workers.

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Department at 201-837-7130.

The Recreation Department operates a 50,964 sq. ft. community center, home to the Recreation Department, featuring two gymnasiums, a dance studio, preschool and after school areas, senior citizens programming with multipurpose rooms on the second floor available to rent for community organization meetings at a nominal fee. Information about all services is available by contacting the Department at 201-837-7130.

The Recreation Department offers a variety of programs including

  • over 250 children&squot;s programs annually for residents 18 months to age 17 in the areas of art, sports and performing arts
  •  a full day Montessori based preschool learning center for 3 & 4 year olds
  • an After School Child Care program from school dismissal to 6 p.m. during the school year for Kindergarten to 7th grade.
  • summer camp programs for ages 3 through 14 years of age.
  • over 50 classes for adults ages 18-54 including yoga, Pilates open gym basketball and volleyball, aerobics, tennis and swim lessons, golf, pottery, scrap booking and chess.
  • free summer outdoor activities including "Movies in the Park", pre-July 4th evening outdoor concert, July 4th Community Celebration, and a five week classical music Concert Series cosponsored by the Provident Bank.
  • a comprehensive program free for residents ages 55 & up with more than 180 programs annually in the areas of education, physical fitness and social activities.
  • water aerobics for adults ages 55 & up at the YMCA in Hackensack year round with the exception of summer.

Teaneck has 23 municipally owned parks; 14 of which have updated playground structures and equipment. We operate three municipal pools in Hawthorne, Phelps and Votee Parks, which are open 10 weeks from the end of June through Labor Day. We also operate 13 wading pools for toddlers in 13 parks throughout the town open July and August. There is one designated picnic area in Phelps Park and two areas in Votee Park with permanent picnic tables and grills. Permits are preferred.

There are lighted basketball courts for evening play during the spring, summer and early fall are available at Ammann, Argonne, Brooks and Votee Parks. There are unlighted single basketball courts are located at Coolidge, Herrick, Phelps and Sagamore Parks.

There are lighted tennis courts for evening play is available at Votee Park during the spring, summer and fall months (a badge is required for play). There are unlighted tennis courts are available for play at Ammann, Hawthorne, Andreas, Phelps, Argonne and Votee (tennis badge is required for play; the courts at Terhune are currently closed).

There are a variety of softball, soccer, baseball fields available throughout the town to reserve (some fields required a permit for use). There is a fenced in Handball Court, Hockey Rink and Amphitheater in Votee Park. Additionally, there are several Walking/Bike Paths exist in Ammann, Andreas, Brooks, Mackel, Phelps, Terhune, and Votee Parks as well as the Matthew Feldman Preserve.

We provide free transportation to Senior and Disabled residents for medical appointments five days a week and food shopping three days per week.

The free transportation service is also provided to Senior and Disabled residents for small errands to the library, barbershop, hair and nail salon, bank, pharmacy, and occasionally schedule trips to the Bergen Mall.

Tax preparation assistance is also offered to adult residents ages 55 & up free of charge the senior center offers free health consultations for ages 55 & up with a registered nurse including checking blood pressure, discussing health concerns and assisting with health assessments by appointment five days a week.

Discount Amusement Park Tickets are sold to Six Flags, Dorney Park, Sesame Place, Morey&squot;s Pier, Mountain Creek, Hershey Park from June 1 through August 31.

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Department at 201-837-1600 Ext. 1100.

Building Department facts include the following:

  • The Teaneck Building Department processes and issues over 2,400 construction permits each year!  Construction inspectors perform, on average in excess of 11,000 inspections during the year.  Work will not pass inspection unless it complies with the State construction code! 
  • The Teaneck Building Department issued over 400 violation notices during 2005 to compel compliance with the State construction code. All property owners must adhere to the same rules and regulations.
  • The Teaneck Building Department processes over 1,100 applications for zoning permits each year. Review of these applications verifies compliance with the zoning ordinances of the township.
  • Nearly 200 zoning related complaints were investigated by the Building Department staff during 2005, making sure that all property owners followed the rules and regulations developed by the Township Council.

The Building Department&squot;s mission statement consists of the following:

  • To protect the health, safety and welfare of all users of buildings and structures within the Township of Teaneck through the enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey.
  • To insure the adequate maintenance of buildings and structures throughout the Township by the active enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey.
  • To provide and maintain a pleasing visual environment through the application and enforcement of the township&squot;s Development Regulations.
  • To assist in the orderly development of the township by applying the rules and regulations established by the Township Council.
  • To assist the Township Council in providing a better community by suggesting the elimination of unnecessary or obsolete regulations, the alteration of regulations to recognize new and innovative technologies and the establishment of new regulations to address changing lifestyles and objectives.
  • To assist applicants in the process of obtaining necessary approvals for use and development of properties within the Township.
  • To provide assistance to property owners and users, in times of crisis, to minimize disturbance of life and livelihood.
  • To maintain and advance the quality of life of people living, working and visiting the Township of Teaneck by promoting the ideals and principals set forth by the Township Council through their legislative actions.

Please contact the Department at 201-837-1600 Ext. 1500.

Property Maintenance and Housing Code enforcement:

Rented houses require licenses and inspections in Teaneck. The Health Department licenses over 70 rented homes each year.

Landlords must obtain a Certificate of Health from the Health Department when they change tenants in their apartments. Health Department inspectors conduct close to 200 apartment inspections each year.

Environmental Health: 

Health Department staff reviews and approves locations for exterior air conditioning units or other noise generating stationery equipment prior the issuance of building permits.

Health Department inspectors survey areas of the Township for stagnant waste sources such as old tires in an effort to minimize the potential for diseases such as West Nile fever.

Food Safety: 

The Health Department provides Food Safety Training for owner/operators of the Township???s food establishments.
v Communicable Disease:

The Health Department Staff are trained in the use of and participate in New Jersey&squot;s web-based Communicable Disease Reporting and Surveillance System.

The Health Department staff audits the Township???s schools and childcare centers to ensure that all children are current with their required immunizations.

Animal Control: 

The Health Department inspectors investigates all reported animal to human bites.

The Health Department, through a contracted service, provides free rabies shots for both cats and dogs. Two local veterinarians participate in the program.

Public Health Nursing: 

You can get your blood pressure checked at no charge Monday through Friday (10 AM to 2 PM) at the Rodda Center (250 Colonial Court) and Mondays (5 PM to 7 PM) and Fridays (1 PM to 3 PM) at Holy Name Hospital Community Health Services (718 Teaneck Road).

Maternal and Child Health: 

The Health Department offers free childhood and school age (K - 12) vaccinations and well care for township children.

Teen Clean Program: 

The Health Department supervises a weekend program during the spring, summer and fall where high school students clean municipal parking lots and other Township owned properties.

Social Services: 

The Coordinator of Social Services distributes donated grocery store food certificates to needy families during November and December. The certificates are donated by Township organizations and residents.

The Registrar&squot;s Office:

maintains all records of births, marriages and deaths which occur in Teaneck and provides these records to the appropriate parties, pursuant to State law.

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Department at 201-837-2600 for non emergencies and 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Community Policing 

All six Community Policing Bureau Members, are trained D.A.R.E Officers and teach the program in the third and fifth grades, within the Township, elementary and middle schools.

Additional programs offered are as follows:

  • Junior Police Academy
  • Citizen Police Academy
  • National Night Out
  • Halloween safety presentations
  • McGruff the Crime Dog visitations
  • D.A.R.E Program at all public schools
  • G.R.E.A.T. Program at both middle schools
  • Sexual assault, date rape, sexual harassment lectures
  • Baby sitting safety programs
  • Au-pair of America lectures
  • Teaneck Health Fair
  • Participation in Career Day programs
  • Senior safety lectures
  • Fraud lectures
  • Anti-terrorism training
  • Pedestrian Safety presentations
  • National Read across America participation
  • Stranger Danger presentations for children
  • Identity theft lectures
  • Minority recruitment program
  • Bicycle helmet program
  • Assist Traffic Bureau with safety programming, including DWI reenactment, Otto the Auto, Stone Cold.
  • Police department tours for youth groups, civic organizations, Thanksgiving food drive and distribution Toys for Tots holiday program.
  • Crime prevention security surveys and lectures (residential, commercial, civic, religious)
  • Attend monthly Crime Prevention meetings
  • Create, organize and facilitate block watch organizations and meetings
  • Victim referral services
  • Bank Safety programs
  • F.D.U Security Officer training programs and visitations to Police Department
  • Shelter Our Sisters staff and volunteer Domestic Violence training
  • Neighborhood dispute resolutions
  • Senior citizen, scams, traveling alone and safety presentations
  • Gun-lock distribution program
  • Attendance at numerous training updates, D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T Office Conference
  • Complete and submit Grant applications
  • Assist with security at recreation sponsored events, and dances
  •  T.M.A.A.S.A liaison
  • Teaneck Township Open House/New Resident programs

The Bureau assists others with referrals, including juvenile and traffic concerns, along with requests for follow up from the Building and Health Departments.

Bureau members assist other bureau with responsibilities such as school posts, prisoner transports and road coverage during shortages or emergencies. We assist with the Bon Fire/Pep Rally, Fourth of July Parade, Memorial Day Parade, Teaneck High School Graduation, Prom Show-Off and specific directed patrol checks.

Bureau members are requested to walk the business districts in their respective posts, to interact with residents and business owners, as well as taking the appropriate enforcement action when necessary.

The Teaneck Police Department detective bureau is comprised of 14 members; 1 detective lieutenant, 2 detective sergeants, 1 sergeant, 4 detectives, 3 investigators, and 3 police officers.

The Detective Bureau is broken down into 3 different squads; general investigations, anti-crime, and the computer investigation technology unit. One officer is additionally tasked with the responsibility to handle court related functions such as warrants and courtroom security.

The purpose of the Computer Investigation and Technology Unit (CITU) is to investigate cases in which a computer and/or the Internet are used as an instrument to commit crime; are the object of crime; or may contain evidence. The CITU works in conjunction with federal, state, county and other local law enforcement agencies. In addition, the CITU has the ability to enhance video tapes, which aids in the identification and apprehension of wanted individuals. The CITU routinely receives requests from other law enforcement jurisdictions to assist with the forensic enhancement of video tapes.

The Anti-Crime Squad&squot;s mission is to exist as a useful and efficient resource to the Teaneck Police Department. The Team strives to accomplish this by involving itself in project-oriented enforcement in those areas where focused specialized enforcement is justified based on unique crime trends. The Unit is a project oriented proactive street crime team that is charged with targeting and suppressing selective street level crime problems within the Township of Teaneck through specialized enforcement methods. The Anti-Crime squad focuses the majority of their time on narcotics and burglary related cases.

The General Investigation Squad&squot;s primary responsibility is to investigate all adult related crimes. Some examples include homicides, aggravated assaults, sex crimes, thefts, robberies, arsons, harassment, identity theft and credit card fraud. In addition, the squad handles all police and fire background investigations, liquor license applications, firearm identification purchase applications, confidential investigations including internal affairs, and assists with dignitary protection details.

Several members of the detective bureau have been and continue to train in the use of special weapons and tactics, hostage rescues, barricaded subjects, and response to active shooter scenarios.

A member of the CITU unit is available to speak with individuals or groups about Internet Safety. Personnel from the Detective Bureau are available to speak with individuals or groups explaining the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

Members of the Bureau&squot;s Anti-Crime Squad are available to provide home and business security surveys.

The Bureau participates in the "Cops in Shops" program, which is designed to deter the sale of alcohol to minors. The Bureau continues to work closely with the "Tri-Community Crime Stoppers" program. Almost $2,000 dollars in rewards was paid out in 2005 to individuals who provided information to the Crime Stoppers program. Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,OOO dollars for information leading to an arrest or conviction. The Bureau thoroughly investigates all calls received on the Crime Stoppers tip line (201-833-4222). All callers remain anonymous.

The Detective Bureau continues to conduct warrant sweeps, which target individuals who are deemed court absconders (fugitives). Previous "Sweeps" have resulted in numerous arrests and the collection of moneys owed to the court.

The focus of the Bureau continues to be on Hometown Security. The Bureau works in conjunction with Federal, State and County officials to ensure the highest level of security for our residents. The Detective Bureau maintains a liaison to the Office of Counter Terrorism. Intelligence information is received and evaluated on a daily basis. The Detective Bureau encourages residents to IMMEDIATELY contact the Teaneck Police Department to report suspicious activity at 201-837-2600.

  • Station House Adjustments (parental/child issues, discipline, rule violations, etc.)
  • Youth Counseling and mediation
  • High school mentoring of students
  • Participation in the High school&squot;s annual career day program
  • "Stone cold" presentations to high school students
  • On-site reports taken from Teaneck students for convenience
  • Title 39 review for Driver Education students at the High school
  • Planning, organization and implementation of annual school events such as the bonfire, "show-off" and graduation exercises
  • Referrals to local, county and state agencies for counseling, physical and mental abuse
  • Gang training to civilians and civic groups
  • Halloween safety talks to students
  • Training of Police recruits in Ethics, Juvenile Justice, Conflict Resolution, and Cultural Diversity
  • Provide speakers to Teacher/parent organizations on drug use, peer pressure, etc.
  • Liaison to Community Relation boards including Bias Awareness training
  • Assistance to runaways
  • Educational tables at Teaneck Night Out
  • Megan&squot;s Law administration
  • Additional services and programs maybe created as the need arises

Mission:  The mission of the Traffic Bureau is to facilitate the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout the Township.  

Responsibilities:  The Traffic Bureau is responsible for addressing traffic related concerns throughout the Township. The Traffic Bureau maintains a variety of statistical information, which is used in determining what actions are best suited for the specific concern. Once a determination has been made, the Traffic Bureau implements a plan of education, enforcement or engineering and evaluates its effectiveness.  In late 2003, the Traffic Bureau implemented a Parking Enforcement Program. The purpose of the program is to ensure the consistent turnover of "premium" parking spaces within the business districts. 

Each year the Traffic Bureau receives numerous complaints from motorists reporting the inability to observe vehicles due to some type of a sight obstruction. After receiving such a complaint, a report indicating the location, type of obstruction, ordinance violation, and recommended course of action is submitted. The most common complaints received are obstructions caused by overgrown hedges. These matters are reported to the Health Department who advises the homeowner of the violation and ensures that corrective action is taken. 

The Traffic Bureau provides the necessary information for the Building Department and Board of Adjustments to consider when determining whether to grant a building permit. Once the blueprints are received, the proposed site is then surveyed to determine if vehicular traffic will be negatively impacted.

Further consideration must also be given to the amount of on-site parking, the availability of off-site parking, pedestrians, and the impact upon the residents. In some cases, a traffic count must be conducted to determine the volume of vehicular traffic during any given hour. After establishing an opinion as to whether the proposal should be granted, the Traffic Bureau submits a report of the results, along with its recommendations, to the necessary departments. 

Residents frequently request the placement or removal of various traffic control devices. Whether the request is for a parking sign, stop sign, traffic light, or any other device, the Traffic Bureau conducts an investigation as to its necessity. Depending on the request, traffic counts may have to be conducted to ensure the warrants specified in the manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices are met. Upon conclusion of the investigation, a report indicating the source of complaint and recommendations is submitted to the Township through the chain of command. 

In developing such a plan, numerous considerations must be taken into account. Once an event has been assigned to the Traffic Division, the organization sponsoring the event is contacted to obtain accurate information. A site survey is conducted at the scheduled location, as well as the surrounding area. In the event a parade or roving demonstration is planned, site surveys along the route are to be conducted. Based on the information obtained, locations requiring officers or equipment (barricades, signs, horses, dogs, motorcycles, etc.) will be reflected on the map. Detour routes are established and notification is made to all emergency services, which are effected. In addition, should a major thoroughfare be effected surrounding towns must be advised, along with the County Police and New Jersey Transit. Detour signs are utilized to minimize the impact upon motorists.

Upon the completion of each event, the Traffic Bureau is responsible to reopen roadways and make the necessary notifications.

Officers assigned to the Traffic Bureau provide police escorts for Dignitaries and Parades. Funeral escorts are also conducted upon request, provided sufficient manpower exists. Residents requesting escorts for large funeral precessions have responded with letters of appreciation for the assistance provided during a most difficult period.

The Teaneck Police Motorcycle Squad was officially reactivated on July 4, 1996, after being disbanded in 1973. The response received from residents, as well as merchants, has been positive. Unexpectedly, the motorcycles have not only enhanced the ability for effective enforcement, but have become a community relations tool. The use of motorcycles for patrolling business districts has resulted in a decrease of vehicles double parking, as well as violations of time limitations. They are also utilized to assist with patrol, accident and fire scenes, parade details, funeral escorts, Dignitary escorts, Community Policing events, as well as the numerous programs run through the Traffic Bureau. 

Officers assigned to the motorcycle squad continue to educate themselves to increase their riding ability, as well as their safety. The following list is an example of the extensive training these individuals have received:

State Approved Motorcycle Safety Rider Course
Off Road Orientation Training - 8 hours
On Road Orientation Training - 40 hours
Monthly In-Service Training - 8 hours
Driver Simulated Crash Avoidance Course
Emergency Vehicle Operators Defensive Driving
Cumulative Skills Driving Course
Police Motorcycle Operation Course - 90 hours

Course Programs

The adult crossing guard program was implemented to help protect children on their way to and from school. Crossing guards are placed at locations where gaps in traffic are inadequate for children to safely cross. 

Children and Seniors are targeted for lectures in proper pedestrian safety. A minimum of ten lectures are conducted yearly. Intersections maintaining a high number of pedestrian accidents are targeted for strict enforcement. 

Officers trained in proper installation of child safety seats provide a service to residents of Teaneck, as well as parents of newborn infants leaving Holy Name Hospital, by ensuring the correct seat is being utilized and is installed properly.

Inspections are conducted at Police Headquarters by appointment only. 

This program is designed to enhance safety for our children when walking to and from school. Parents and schools are encouraged to become active participants. 

The Safety Program utilizes students within the Township's grammar schools assist in maintaining a safe environment before and after school, as well as monitoring student behavior on school buses. 

During the spring/summer season, children riding bicycles are stopped by police officers regardless if they are wearing a helmet or not. Through the generosity of the local 7-11 Convenience Stores, officers reward children wearing helmets by presenting them with a coupon, which entitles them to a free beverage. 

National Night Out allows the public to interact with members of the Police Department, as well as other departments and organizations, in a positive manner. Individuals are presented with safety literature and given demonstrations of services provided. 

The Junior Police Academy has been designed to introduce children to the many facets of law enforcement. For many children attending the program, this will be their first interaction with a police officer. The program provides the officer with the ability to create a lasting impression, one that will be viewed as a positive experience. 

Similar to the Junior Police Academy, the Citizens Police Academy is designed for the adult. Individuals are introduced to the world of law enforcement, through lectures and demonstrations. The Traffic Bureau supplies the participants with information regarding pedestrian safety, as well as motor vehicle safety. Accident, radar and motorcycle demonstrations are also provided.

This program was developed by the American Trauma Society, and is presented by the Trauma Department of Hackensack University Medical Center. "Troo", the Trauma Kangaroo, will instruct children on the importance of safety. Children will learn how they can prevent accidents from happening. The program is designed for children preschool age to second grade. 

The Traffic Bureau is a sponsor of the 55 ALIVE PROGRAM. This program is taught by the American Association of Retired Persons, and is a driver improvement program designed for senior citizens. 

The Traffic Bureau sponsors the AAA DEFENSIVE DRIVING CLASS.  This program is open to drivers of all age groups.  Participants completing the 55 ALIVE or AAA DEFENSIVE DRIVING CLASS will be entitled to an insurance discount, as well as the removal of two DMV points from their driving record. 

Individuals experience the effects of alcohol by utilizing goggles, which are designed to simulate intoxication by way of visual impairment.

A film presentation based on a DWI reenactment, which incorporates segmented interviews with family members of DWI victims and trauma center personnel. An excellent program that leaves participants emotionally impacted. This program is recommended for Adults and High School Students. It also may be viewed by children 12 to 15 years of age accompanied by a parent. 

The Traffic Bureau works closely with this Teaneck based organization on numerous programs. Some of these programs include DWI seminars and "Sabers and Roses." 

With the assistance of the American Automobile Association, a pedestrian safety lecture is provided to children attending third grade. A remote controlled talking police car, "Otto", is utilized to grasp the children's attention. Officers are asked questions by "Otto" and seek the answers from the participants.  Children learn about crossing the street, what color clothing they should wear, riding bicycles and general safety rules.