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Police Bureaus

Community Policing:

Officers assigned to this unit work to address chronic quality  of life issues by applying problem-solving techniques to abate problems.  The squad spearheads the police department's community education effort, including addressing various contemporary issues through seminars and events such as emergncy preparedness meetings, and National Night Out.

The goal of the community policing squad, which currently consists of two officers, is to expand our ability to apply problem-solving techniques to chronic issues within the Township.

Within  the Teaneck Police Department, "Community Policing" is a philosophy and practice that overlaps and underpins all operations by all personnel.  In short, everything we do has the concept of community policing in mind.  We serve the community with dignity and respect. However, certain functions within the department do not have the flexibility to follow through on a problem from beginning to end.  This squad allows us to expand our community policing efforts within our existing resources, thus best utilizing our most valuable resource: our personnel.

Besides offering problem solving assistance, the Community Policing Squad also offers numerous proactive and educational services.  Currently, the Community Policing Squad offers home and business security surveys.

Detective Bureau:

The detective bureau is comprised of a diverse group of law enforcement experts that investigate all crimes within the Township, other than those investigated by members of the Juvenile Bureau.  They are also responsible for providing security for our Municipal Court.

Offenses investigated range from criminal mischief to murder, as well as Homeland Security related issues.  The detectives assigned to the bureau's Anti-Crime Squad continue to take proactive approaches to street crimes such as robbery, burglary and narcotics distribution,which have yielded significant arrests of suspects engaged in these offenses.

Detectives have successfully used established relationships with citizens, businesses and other institutions to rapidly respond to crimes and work with our County, State and Federal Law Enforcement partners to solve these crimes.

Juvenile Bureau:

The juvenile bureau is comprised of highly trained detectives who investigate cases involving juveniles, families and gangs. Additionally, a uniformed detective is assigned to Teaneck High School as the School Resource Officer.

Juvenile detectives investigate cases of child abuse, sexual abuse, missing and exploited children, graffiti, bicycle theft, family crisis, bias incidents, violations of Megan's Law, as well as, crimes that occur on school property.

Members of the Juvenile Bureau maintain close relationships and work collaboratively with our public and private schools to provide safe and secure learning environments.  Presentations are made to students, parents, teachers and others on a wide range of topics that include the perils of gangs, alcohol and drug abuse.

Professional Standards:

The Professional Standards Unit has several important responsibilities, including but not limited to the management of internal investigations. Our department prides itself on fair, impartial and thorough investigations of citizens' complaints. An adequate and fair complaint and investigative process is critical to maintaining public trust, deterring misconduct and inappropriate behavior. This is a responsibility that the Teaneck Police Department takes very seriously, and we strive to meet the expectations of the public while performing our official duties.

An annual report summarizing the types of complaints received and the dispositions of those complaints shall be made available to the public. This report can be statistical in nature, and the names of complainants and subject officers shall not be published. Each agency also shall periodically release a brief synopsis of all complaints where a fine or suspension of ten days or more was assessedto an agency member. This synopsis shall not contain the identities of the officers or complainants, but should briefly outline the nature of the transgression and the fine or suspension imposed.


The Service Bureau is staffed by police officers and civilians, the Bureau is charged with facilitating the department's training, national recognition through CALEA program / accreditation through NJSACOP, evidence collection, firearms licensing, liquor licensing, alarm registration, police records management, as well as, public record access.

Traffic Bureau:

The traffic bureau is staffed by skilled Police Officers, who specialize in working to ensure that pedestrians and motorists are able to safely and conveniently maneuver throughout the Township.

The Traffic Bureau educates residents on safety issues and enforces traffic laws.  Additional areas of focus include DWI awareness and enforcement. Pedestrian Safety, Child Passenger Safety Inspections, Auxiliary Police, School Crossing Guard, and Parking Enforcement officer management.