Good Morning Wake-Up Program

There aren't many guarantee's in life, but if you are a member of the Teaneck Fire Department's "Good Morning Wake-Up Program", you are guaranteed a phone call every morning.


Since May 05, 1985, members of the Teaneck Fire Department have made telephone callsevery morning to members of the program to check on their welfare. The program was originally established by Firefighters John Draney and Charles Macintosh.


The program is set up for residents in the community that generally are elderly and live alone, although any township resident that feels the program would be beneficial is welcome. The Good Morning Wake Up Program calls members 365 days a year between the hours of 8:00‑8:30 AM.  Residents receive a friendly voice on the end of the line making sure everything is okay.  If the resident does not answer the phone, the Fire Department dispatcher will call a second time approximately 5 minutes later.  If there is still no response a Fire Department unit will be sent to check on the welfare of the member.

On occasion we have found a participant who needs medical care. All members of the Teaneck Fire Department are certified first responders or Emergency Medical Technicians, we will provide emergency care until the ambulance arrives on scene.  If a participant will be out of the house earlier than 8 AM they can call the Fire Dept. and inform them they will not be home between 8:00 – 8:30 AM that morning.  The same is true if the participant goes away for a period of time. They can notify the Fire Department to temporarily suspend calling until they return.


For anyone that is interested or for more information on the program please call the Teaneck Fire Dept. at 201-837-0285 and ask to speak to Battalion Chief Richard Burchell, FF Ian Seidel or FF Sean Rodriguez. One of them will come out to meet with you, collect some basic information and conduct a home fire safety inspection.