Historic Preservation Commission

Teaneck Historic Preservation Commission

The character, life-style and very quality of life in Teaneck depends in great measure on protecting the heritage of the past. The ongoing presence of historical landmarks is an essential element of municipal character and identity. These were the objectives when the Teaneck Historic Preservation Commission was established. Created in 1988 by ordinance 3158, 7.26.1988 (2.28.1). See Municipal Code, Development Regulations Chapter 33, Article IVA. Historic Preservation.
Council Liaison: Deputy Mayor Mark Schwartz

Meetings: 1/12/21,2/16/21,3/23/21,4/20/21,5/12/21,6/15/21,9/1/21,10/19/21,11/16/21,12/21/21

7 PM

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Maggie Gonzales

Vice Chair

Theodora Lacey


Dorothy Pita


Stefani Stokes


Levonne Turner


Michael Norris

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The Teaneck Historic Commission is committed to safeguarding the character of Teaneck through preservation of its historic buildings, districts and landscapes.   This is accomplished by identifying and designating historic sites that merit preservation, providing information, and promoting educational initiatives.

Typically, a property that receives formal designation has some historical significance associated with it.  For example, the architectural style, an event, or a prior owner who is important to Teaneck’s history may warrant a building or site for designation. Property owners who would like their homes designated should contact the Commission through the Township Clerk’s office. When an owner of a designated property wants to alter the exterior of their home, the Commission receives the plans from the Building Department, Planning Board, or Zoning Board for review.  The Commissioners review the plans in relation to the historic aspects of the property and are happy to advise the owners with their project.  The Commissioners are appreciative of the fact that older buildings need to be updated for modern living, but owners are encouraged to maintain their homes while preserving the building’s character and historic features.  Interior alterations are not reviewed by the Commission.

More historical preservation information is available on-line in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

To view the Historic Preservation Ordinance search the code on www.teanecknj.gov.

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If you would like to get in contact with the Historic Preservation Commission, please send an email to hpc@teanecknj.gov