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The Records Bureau is located on the right side of the front lobby of Police Headquarters. It is staffed between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday-Friday and is closed on holidays.

Reports can be picked up at the customer window during normal business hours. Please note that a report, such as an accident report, generally takes at least three days before it is available. Please call 201-837-2551 if you have any questions.


Business and residential alarm systems can be registered with the Teaneck Police Department by completing the registration form and sending it to:


All requests for Public Records must be submitted to the Township Clerk.

Ordinance #1770 provides for the registration of all burglar alarms within the Township of Teaneck. Fees are established for various types of alarm systems, and service fees are provided for false alarms in excess of three (3) per calendar year; or failure to register an alarm system. Violations may result in disconnection and/or a summons being issued. The initial registration fee is $30 (cash or check to the Township of Teaneck). Renewal information will be sent by mail yearly. The renewal registration fee is $15. False alarm service fee is $50 (4th through 10th false alarm per year) and $150 for all additional false alarms per year. The registration form is located on the Applications, Permits & Forms page.