Stormwater Management

What the Township of Teaneck is Doing to Help Protect Against Stormwater Pollution

The Township of Teaneck prioritizes its responsibilities as mandated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program. The below links refer cover the town’s plans and ordinances pertaining to the prevention of stormwater pollution. More information regarding this topic is available at 

Related Ordinances

Ordinance 3-2021 Signed.pdf 

Ordinance 3230 (Refuse Container).pdf 

Ordinance 3881(Litter).pdf 

Ordinance 3882(Improper Disposal of Waste).pdf 

Ordinance 3883 (Yard waste Ordinance).pdf 

Ordinance 3884 (Illicit Connection).pdf 

Ordinance 3885 (Wildlife Feeding).pdf 

Ordinance 3886 (Pet Waste).pdf 

Ordinance 4033(Stormwater Control).pdf 

Ordinance 4210 (Storm Drain Inlet).pdf 

More Information and Documents

Stormwater Management Plan (PDF).pdf 

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan -  SPPP-2022.pdf 

Outfall Maps -  TT-Outfall-2023 (002).pdf 

Solution to Stormwater Pollution.pdf