Municipal Open Space Trust Fund Committee (MOST)

Municipal Open Space Trust Fund Committee (MOST)

The Municipal Open Space Trust Fund Committee (MOST) is tasked with providing the Council with input on possible projects and uses for monies collected for purposes of open space initiatives, recreation and historic preservation as provided for in the binding referendum.

Council Liaison: Mayor James Dunleavy

Meetings: 3/3/21,4/7/21, 5/5/21, 7/7/21(If needed), 9/1/21, 10/6/21, 11/3/21, 12/1/21(If needed); 6:30 p.m., Rodda Center Recreation Office Conference Room

        MEMBERS                 POSITION                 TERM        
Dr. Ken Hoffman Chair 2020-2022
Michael Klatsky    Member 2020-2022

Levonne Turner

Teaneck Historic Preservation Commission Representative 2020-2022

        Phil Rhodes        

Environmental Commission Representative  2020-2021  

        Bernard Pearson      

PPRAB Representative  2020-2021  

Farah Gilani

Township Engineer

Glenna Crockett

Superintendent of Recreation,

Ex-Officio Member

Mayor James Dunleavy

Council Liaison

Open Space and Rec Plan Update FINAL 2019

MOST 2019 Annual Report

- MOST 2020 Recommendations to Council

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