Parks, Playgrounds and Recreation Advisory Board (PPRAB)

Parks, Playgrounds, and Recreation Advisory Board

Council Liaison: Mayor James Dunleavy

Meetings: Richard Rodda Center MP-3, 7:30 PM:

1/6/2021, 2/3/2021, 3/3/21, 4/7/21, 5/5/21, 6/2/21, 7/7/21 (if needed), 8/4/21 (if needed), 9/1/21, 10/6/21, 11/3/21, 12/1/21

        MEMBERS                 POSITION                 TERM        

Kenneth R. Hoffman, M.D., M.P.H.

        Chairperson         2020-2021

Avi Berliner



James Brown, C.P.A.

Member 2020-2022

Allison Davis

Member 2020-2021

Sue Feuerstein



Jill Leibman, M.D.



Christina Pami

Member 2020-2022

Bernard Pearson

MOST Rep 2020-2021

Jacci Willis

Member 2020-2022

Mayor James Dunleavy, DPT, MPT


Glenna Crockett

Superintendent of Recreation

- Open Space and Rec Plan Update FINAL 2019

- 2021 PPRAB Recommendations to Council

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If you are a non-member and wish to participate in this Advisory Board's meeting, please Contact the board that's holding the meeting and request that your issue or matter be listed on their agenda for discussion.