Fire Prevention Bureau


Lt. Martin Rolaf, Fire Official

FIRE CODE ENFORCEMENT - The Department is the enforcement agency for the NJ Edition of the Uniform Fire Code, which is aimed at controlling the potential fire hazards in all structures in the community except owner-occupied one and two-family homes.

FIRE PREVENTION INSPECTIONS - The Uniform Fire Code mandates periodic inspections of all commercial business, industrial and office buildings classified by the Uniform Fire Code as life hazards in the community.  All new construction, including renovations and additions, are inspected by a fire specialist before a certificate of occupancy is issued. Residents may request an inspection of their premises to determine whether a fire hazard exists. A fire-prevention specialist will make a comprehensive examination of the home or apartment and prepare a list of recommendations for changes which will greatly reduce the possibility of fire. All residences, upon resale, and all rental units, upon rental, are inspected for required smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as required by State law.

FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU - The Bureau performs a wide range of functions, including inspections, issuance of licenses and permits, enforcement of the NJ Edition of the Uniform Fire Code, fire protection inspections and investigations of all fires for cause. In case of arson, the Bureau coordinates with the Police Department, the County Prosecutor, the County Arson Squad and other State and Federal agencies.

The Bureau presents educational programs all school levels from elementary through college. It also has speakers available to present fire prevention to local civic organizations.

Contact Information

FPB Staff

Main Number 201-808-8080

Fire Official – Lt Martin Rolaf ext. 5202

Fire Inspector – Lt. Martin Brown ext. 5203

Fire Inspector - Lt. Michael Keenan ext. 5204

Department Secretary – Mrs. Elisabeth Alston ext 5206

Fax Number – 201-837-4801

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