Fire Safety Permits and Public Events

Teaneck Fire Department guidance regarding Fire Safety Permits for Public Events requirements in the Township of Teaneck.


Please be advised, if you’ve taken a Special Event permit out for an event in Township Of Teaneck, depending on the size, type of event, date or location, you may or may not have a Fire Department Vehicle show up at your event. If you any questions, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau before the event. The following are some of the requirements:

  1. Cooking and Open Flame Permit requirement: You will be required to have a member or outside vender obtain a cooking or open flame permit through the Teaneck Fire Department Fire Prevention office. Extinguisher and suppression tag must be present at time of inspection. 
  2. Food trucks shall obtain a permit prior to the event from the Teaneck Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau. Inspections can be preformed prior to the event. Event coordinator shall provide a list of listed food trucks at the event.
  3. Any outdoor cooking with grills shall have a cooking permit as well as an inspection. The inspection can be preformed prior to the start of the event. 
  4.  All exits and aisles shall be maintained clear and free of any of obstructions.
  5.  All occupancy loads shall be adhered to at all times. Event coordinator shall provide an occupancy counter and a person who will keep an account of the number of people at your event.
  6.  A Fire Department vehicle may make a trip to your location. This will vary based on the type and size of the event. The Fire Department vehicle may be on duty. The time at the event may be limited due to fire call volume.

A. The Fire Department may walk through to inspect and insure there are no fire code violations.

B. Assist if a medical call occurs.

C.  Show the fire truck and talk about fire safety education to children and adults.