Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Unit has several important responsibilities, including but not limited to the management of internal investigations. Our department prides itself on fair, impartial and thorough investigations of citizens' complaints. An adequate and fair complaint and investigative process is critical to maintaining public trust, deterring misconduct and inappropriate behavior. This is a responsibility that the Teaneck Police Department takes very seriously, and we strive to meet the expectations of the public while performing our official duties.

An annual report summarizing the types of complaints received and the dispositions of those complaints shall be made available to the public. This report can be statistical in nature, and the names of complainants and subject officers shall not be published. Each agency also shall periodically release a brief synopsis of all complaints where a fine or suspension of ten days or more was assessedto an agency member. This synopsis shall not contain the identities of the officers or complainants, but should briefly outline the nature of the transgression and the fine or suspension imposed.

IA Report 2015