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As always, the ultimate responsibility for fire safety is with the individual and for the children, it is with their parents. No one should sleep in a room without a window large enough and free of obstructions, thus allowing an alternative way out in case of fire. No one should sleep in a house without working smoke detectors on each level of the home and preferably with smoke detectors in each bedroom as well. No family should go to bed at night without a valid, realistic, family fire action plan that has been well thought out and practiced. Sometimes, smoke detectors are disabled because they give numerous nuisance alarms. Most nuisance alarms result from the use of the wrong type of detector or from incorrect detector placement.  Ionization  type smoke detectors are cheaper, but will alarm for a host of non-dangerous conditions; particularly normal cooking vapors and shower steam. However, they are faster to respond in a fire with early flame production.   Photoelectric  smoke detectors are much more stable and respond better to a smoldering fire. The International Association of Fire Chiefs Association recommends the use of both types of detectors in the home. Homeowners should call the Fire Prevention Bureau for recommended placement of detectors and follow manufacturer installation instructions. Placing smoke detectors in, or right outside, a kitchen or bathroom will inevitably lead to nuisance alarms. Smoke detectors have a limited life span. The National Fire Protection Association recommends replacing smoke detectors ten years from date of manufacture. Carbon Monoxide detectors should be replaced after seven years and we find many in the Township are at their end of life.  Most detectors have the manufactured date on the back of the device. If you are not sure how old your smoke detectors are, it would be worth the small investment to replace them. The Fire Prevention Bureau is ready to provide the technical advice you need concerning detectors and escape plans. Call us at our non-emergency number: (201) 808-8080 x 5200 during normal business hours.

To report a  FIRE  residents are urged to use the Township’s fire alarm boxes and/or the emergency number ( 201-837-7783 ) for the quickest, most reliable fire response service. State mandated 911 service is also available. On average, fire personnel respond two minutes quicker to signals from fire alarm boxes and this is a significant difference during the early stages of a fire. We encourage you to program our seven digit number ( 201-837-7783 ) into your telephone speed dialer should there be a problem with the 911 system. If the entire phone system should fail, the Township fire alarm boxes are available for you to report any emergency.  You should make note of the location of the Fire Alarm Box closest to your home today .