Tennis Courts


The Township has 19 courts in various parks open to Teaneck residents and their guests. To use the courts for either Department sponsored lessons or play, residents (students and adults) must obtain a tennis badge each year. The cost for adults is $25 per season, students (ages 8-17) $15, and guests $50 (adult badge holder must purchase badge for guests). Additionally, non-residents may purchase tennis badge for use at Argonne Park only. Non-resident adult Argonne badges may be purchased for  $40 for the season and children (8-17), $20 for the season. All badges are sold by the Department beginning in June.

Tennis Court Locations

Ammann  Park– 2 courts

Andreas Park – 1 court

Argonne Park – 4 courts

Hawthorne Park– 2 courts

Phelps Park – 4 courts

Terhune Park – 2 courts

Votee Park – 4 lighted courts