Community Education

Stoned Cold:
A film presentation based on a DWI re-enactment, which incorporates segmented interviews with
family members of DWI victims and trauma center personnel. An excellent program that leaves
participants emotionally impacted. This program is recommended for Adults and High School
Students. It also may be viewed by children 12 to 15 years of age accompanied by a parent.

Fatal Vision:
Individuals experience the effects of alcohol by utilizing goggles, which are designed to simulate
intoxication by way of visual impairment.

"OTTO" The Auto:
With the assistance of the American Automobile Association, a pedestrian safety lecture is provided
to children attending third grade. A remote controlled talking police car, "Otto", is utilized to grasp
the children's attention. Officers are asked questions by "Otto" and seek the answers from the
participants. Children learn about crossing the street, what color clothing they should wear, riding
bicycles and general safety rules.
This program was developed by the American Trauma Society, and is presented by the Trauma
Department of Hackensack University Medical Center. "Troo", the Trauma Kangaroo, will instruct
children on the importance of safety. Children will learn how they can prevent accidents from
happening. The program is designed for children preschool age to second grade.

Emergency Preparedness:

Several severe storms over the last couple of years have been stark reminders of the need to be
properly prepared in the event of a natural disaster. The Teaneck Police Department, in conjunction
with the Teaneck Fire Department and Teaneck’s Office of Emergency Management Coordinator
conduct periodic seminars to guide residents in the preparation process. To see the Resident Preparedness Guide Click Here .