Fire Safety Information

1.         Please ensure that you have working Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors on every level of the home and outside each sleeping area. 

2.         Have an escape plan and meeting place outside the house if a fire should occur.  

3.         Make sure everybody’s evacuated from the house before attempting to extinguish any fire.

3.         ALWAYS report the fire first before you take any actions regarding trying to extinguish the fire. 

4.         If you’re going to use a fire extinguisher practice ahead of time. Never attempt to extinguish any fire with out first calling.   

6.         ALWAYS SHUT OFF any device FIRST, example:  Turn the gas off on the stove , prior to placing a blanket over the object or trying to extinguish it .

7.         Regarding fire blankets although they are an approved device. There are some things you need to know regarding your safety.

                        a. You will have to be very close to the fire. So be careful 

                        b. They don’t always cover or smother every item.

                        c. Always have your escape route to the back. Posts/2024 Fire safety information.pdf

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